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I like the electric rear wheel configuration for achieving AWD eliminating much of the drive train. However, I believe AWD should be a selectable driving mode. Powering 4 wheels all the time is an inefficient use of energy. Also, may improve efficiency to downsize the diesel and use it as a genset only electrifying all 4 wheels.
@HD, @RP, To further lighten the vehicle, provide for AWD and improve fuel economy why not move to wheel hub electric motors, decoupling the TDI from the drive train all together. Instead have the TDI drive a generator geared to allow the TDI to always operate at its highest efficiency. The TDI would then only operate to recharge the batteries or if juice was needed for acceleration. This would drop the transmission, drive train, axels and other mass, allow for downsizing of the fuel tank and permit installation of a higher capacity battery pack for extended EV range. With the elimination of the drivetrain and reduced complexity, the cost should be further reduced. This platform would be very easy to install in virtually any vehicle configuration.