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Agassi acted as a jerk last night. That's it. No need to expand on the subject any further. I've changed the prospective about him as a player once he said how much he hated tennis actually. In other words he used tennis to promote himself and do something out of his messed up life. Pete played out of pure love to the game. So does Roger. That's what makes them best among the best.
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Though it's hard to believe, but Steve I just came here to read your columns as usual but with one intention too. Actually a question, when will you ever acknowledge Roger Federer as a true champion? And then by trying to find one of your texts where that question would have made sense to be posted I read this one that i omitted somehow a few days ago. I always thought you are the right man in the right position with a perfectly suitable job for him. But now I now that you are not only a good writer but a respectable tennis expert too. I wish you all the luck in your career. George from Serbia
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Bias Case at Concrete Elbow by Steve Tignor
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