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Tut tut! Nary a ruminate about your 50-year accomplishment with your lovely, classy wife.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on Mitt Romney exposed at Rebane's Ruminations
Comming from a heritage of 'sustained resistance' I find "10. To bear up under; withstand: HAVE SURVIVED the blistering heat" to be a closer definition of what it took to build and maintain the lifestyle dictated by my predecessors...
Toggle Commented Oct 14, 2009 on Sustainable Resilience at Rebane's Ruminations
It must be 'new puppy' time as all (about three others) of our friends who suffered recent or near-recent animal losses suddenly found loving replacements... In fact one replaced their lost-George (you can appreciate his name as he was very sweet, large, rescued Rottweiler-Akita mix) with two of the same (Rottweiler mix)very active, large puppies. They too have a cat named Jazzmin who runs the show.... Good fortune (luck). I know Puna will be the seventh star in the Rebane astology of dogs. :)
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2009 on Our New Puppy at Rebane's Ruminations
Why it's a medatative OM state! Unnnnn: I sure didn't vote for him! vs. Ummmm: Where IS my leadership? Or, UnUm, UnUm, It's off to Sacramento We Go...
Toggle Commented Aug 15, 2009 on On Different Worlds at Rebane's Ruminations
Well sillies... You have to PRINT the $$$ FIRST. Did you apply for your $$$ supply with the Bureau of Printing and Engraving??? Just there! They are printing like mad! Oh! $10,000 for Bank use only.
One could say 'deficits' are the problem in the brains of politicians and the 'national debt' is the reality show!
Toggle Commented May 31, 2009 on Of Horsepower and Deficits at Rebane's Ruminations
Thank you for saying it so beautifully. AMEN
A missing factoid... Pelosi rushed the StimPac through Congress unread and Obama allowed (delegated) her to disburse it as it was without oversight. Currently, she is continuously sh0oting herself in the foot trying to keep the Republican Representatives as the house minority (her real job), often to Obama's discomfort as he notes his failed efforts to win Republicans to his (pseudo-bipartisan) way of thinking by inviting their kids to White House BBQ's... Meow!
Well, the decor of Vintage may have stimulated memories of the 'blue velvet seats' of old. I never imagined these images were bursting for expression and only hope the dinner WAS as good as a sip of pop and a candy bar. I can't wait for the next installment or can I buy the book somewhere?
Forwarded to my favorite American... Thanks! Question: What do we think of our new socialistic MAY DAY news regarding Gittlefinger Motors... The true beginning of the end for free enterprise? 50% government, 40% workers, 10% bondholders. AMERICA WAKE UP!
H1N1... A new, lovely shade of lipstick?