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I find the "soft stuff" (the values, thoughts, emotions, passion, relationships, transformation - and I would also add "self confidence") that leaders must be skilled with to be the tough things for leaders to learn. Logic, reality, fact gathering, etc. are often the skills that are valued and rewarded in organizations. It's the lack of skills in the "soft" arena that can foster the leader's demise. The soft skills are complex, confusing, and unpredictable - and they require the leader to slow down to understand and learn them, so it is easy for a leader to neglect them. This is often where a leader needs improvement and support. When I consider the 150 or so leaders I've coached individually over the last few years, the vast majority have had improvement goals that were directly related to the "soft" items listed in this post. No doubt - dealing with the soft skills is hard! Thanks for letting us know about this book. It looks like a great read!
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