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Angela Connor
Book author, multimedia journalist and online community strategist
Interests: journalism, social media, online communities, book marketing.
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Yours is one of the most important blogs today. I am intrigued by this report and appreciate the way you've developed bite-sized pieces for your readers. They are absolutely different audiences. I hail from traditional media but have worked in new media for almost as long as traditional and it is simply amazing to see the reluctance of some who still don't get that it is no longer a choice. I am going to delve into that report myself. Hope there's a part 3 coming.
Hey Rich: I LOVE how you focus on other industries and really think hard about how social behaviors and attitudes contribute to online community relationships. You recently shared a site that deals with psychology and I subscribed because you showed how the content there relates to what I do. Thank you for that.
Thanks for including me in your roundup. It was a pleasure to speak to such a great group and I enjoyed meeting all of you. i sure wish I could have been there to hear Jay Rosen. I follow his work and from what you summarized, it sounds like he was pretty insightful. I'll be sure to watch the video. Best, Angela Connor
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Hey Rich: I agree that charging would definitely make you bring your A-game. I've been looking at the MarketingProfs model. I'm intrigued by it, though it seems they have a pretty sizable staff. This is something to think about.
I used to work for Peter at WPTV. He's a great guy. I also used to work at WFLA so I'm not sure how I feel about one of my favorite news directors going up against my favorite Tampa station. This should be great for competition.
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I certainly support this endeavor, Rich. I think this type of course could span all programs and fit well within many departments. That's the beauty of community building, it is relevant across the board.
This is the kind of info and feedback that people just starting out on Facebook need. I like the way you shared your experience with the group page and then settling on the fan page. One thing that I find when I'm out discussing social media is there are so many people who really want the basics but for some reason, those who know them have stopped teaching those who don't. Valuable post. Angela Connor @communitygirl
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This is a great reminder, Rich. I've done many things to highlight the community within the community but I can always do more. We had a member post today that her husband died last night. I renamed the blog: "GOLO member loses husband" and posted it on the home page as our top item. The good wishes came her way in droves and continue to come. That's not necessarily a great story, but it illustrates that members care about the lives of other members as well.
It was a pleasure to have you join us on #cmtychat. I too am amazed at the great opportunities and real-time networking twitter provides. It is a game-changer for sure. Kudos to Bryan Person and Sonny Gill for creating it. I am a regular there. Hope to see you on Friday at 1pm. It's great that you're spreading the word about all that is available to us. I agree that joining a new community makes you more empathetic to those who join your own. Angela Connor | @communitygirl
David: I've just emailed the link of this interview to the 8 CEO's I'm meeting with next week to discuss social media. I've instructed them to watch it before my presentation. Great interview and resource. It was nice to hear Scott discuss the importance of buy-in from the top and representation at the executive level. Thanks! Angela Connor | @communitygirl
The answer to question #2 provides a much better picture of the activity in your community. I do think that we can bring some of those people back though, through outreach. I launched a monthly newsletter in January and have seen how it has brought people back. Perhaps they've forgotten about the account or maybe the community wasn't as robust when they were last there. Maybe you've gotten new features. I typically highlight what's been happening over the last month, any new features, mention a contest or give kudos to the winners, mention new groups, etc...Let's always think f ways to get people back. Just because they are lying dormant doesn't mean they will always. Good post. Angela Connor | @communitygirl