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Good for Italy. It's not a religion. It's a cult of hate.
Pamela, the warrior, you ROCK! I can't wait to buy your book. Your investigations, writings and call-it-like-it-is style make journalists look like three year olds holding crayons. WE LOVE YOU PAMELA!
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2010 on Look! Book! Pre-Orders Get Priority! at Atlas Shrugs
Sadly, that man is my Rep here in Minnesota. Our district is full of Somalis, and he is probably going to be re-elected because of it. He is a racist hater who holds Muslim prayer meetings in his office every day. I pray for his loss in the next election. He is truly evil.
Oh, and MoeLarry: How does it feel living in your Mommie's basement? Does she change your diapers every night, or is that paid for by the Government?
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Bye Bye Miss American Pie at Atlas Shrugs
MoeLarryandJesus: YOU WILL DIE under your Dear Leader, Hitler/Obama. My daddy worked at the Mayo Clinic for 40 years. No matter what Obama says, You will DIE under this care, you little dweeb. Now get in line for care, and your freebies. Which you pay for in taxes, moron.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Bye Bye Miss American Pie at Atlas Shrugs
The fight is on. Pamela, this ain't no American Pie. We will FIGHT against these Marxists. It ain't over, baby. BRING IT ON!!!!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on Bye Bye Miss American Pie at Atlas Shrugs
Shoshana: I wish I'd been in England to protest with you. Arm in arm. You are a brave woman! Keep up the fight against these uncivilized Muslim tyrants!
I'm surprised that Obama hasn't handed this Nazi full American Citizenship and added him to his list of Czars. Generation ME will soon find out what it feels like to be servants to their Dear Leader if they don't wake up. Columbia University should be shut down and turned into a parking lot. Ben White should be tried and imprisoned for his hate speech.
Europe is dead. They are dhimmis now. And we are close behind them if we don't pay heed.
Go Get 'em, Pamela! I wish I could be there for all of the fun. You are such a brave warrior.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2010 on Scenes from CPAC at Atlas Shrugs
Stand up, Pamela. The truth will set all of us free.
All of the suggestions put forth on this blog are brilliant! Jewish O, I'd certainly want you in my corner if I was ever in a legal pickle. Maybe Brian should contact David Horowitz or Robert Spencer to get the name of a lawyer in Ohio that is familiar with sharia/jihadism. Good luck to you, Brian! You are a brave man.
Pamela, can you and your followers help me get rid of our Congressman Keith Ellison? He holds prayer meetings in his office. If a Christian did that, he'd be out on his ass. Ellison tried to get the Somali Jihadists returned to our State. Please help us!
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2010 on The True Face of Islam at Atlas Shrugs
I wish I still lived in California, Pamela, because I would be there in a heart beat. First to squash the protesters, then to hear the WONDERFUL Michael Oren. He's a great speaker and warrior.
We love you too, Pamela! You little cupcake. Happy Valentines Day.
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2010 on Be mine at Atlas Shrugs
Hey you foreign a--holes: You get the same number of breaks as everyone else. Period. You don't like it? Work somewhere else. Or don't work, and STARVE. Hell, you were starving in the country you left, so what's the difference? I'm sick of this crap. And the Somali's here in Minnesota have been pulling this for a while now, and employers are deciding NOT TO HIRE THEM. They do this to themselves and I have no pity. None.
When I first watched it, I thought, "What's the point? You're never going to change the opinions of those Progressive idiots". But later, I realized that you helped to shine a light on these childish, name-calling idiots. The more these people spew their hatred, the more they drive people further away from their Leftist ideology. Behar has never been a funny comedian, but she sure plays the clown on that show! Those people are so pathetic that they are actually FUNNY.
Pamela, I can't believe how many Sarah haters you have on your site, when all of them know how much you admire her. I don't believe that any of the "trolls" posting here even watched her speak last night, nor did they watch her interview this morning. I have a question for your Sarah haters: Why do you think that the Lamestream Media is attacking Sarah to this degree? If she's no threat, and she's so "stupid" then why all of the fuss? Why don't they just ignore her? My answer: She scares the CRAP out them, because they see in her the kind of leader that Reagan was. Someone of the PEOPLE. And Dagny Taggart: Who are YOU to decide the "the damage is done"? Who named you the leader of the people? You sound like an arrogant liberal, if you ask me.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2010 on Palin is America at Atlas Shrugs
Southern Shiksa: Great TROLL comments! Do you guys on the Left email the same crap to each other? I've heard your EXACT words on another site. Hmmm, was it the Hufffington Post? I can't remember. Sarah explained that she isn't going to support "perfect" candidates, because there IS no such thing. But you obviously didn't read that. Why shouldn't she support McCain, when he supported her? Sarah is a woman of honor and loyalty. McCain needs to go, but that's up to the people of Arizona. Not Sarah Palin.
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2010 on Palin is America at Atlas Shrugs
I literally gagged reading that story. I've called Islam a cult, and I'm now going to add Satanic Cult to my description. These people aren't human. They are animals. I take that back. Animals don't torture their offspring. Animals have more of soul than these humans do.
Evil is plain to see. She is evil. Islam is evil. Obama is evil. We see it, and they will be defeated.
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on The New Face of Evil at Atlas Shrugs
My Representative is Keith Ellison. He holds prayer meetings(muslim) right in the State Office that he holds. I guess if someone went after him for it they would be deemed RACIST! Islam is a cult. Islam is a fake religion that is used to dominate others. Go ahead and go after that Mayor, CAIR! The backlash against you will awaken MORE people to the evils of your cult.
I look at the pictures of those six pedophillic creeps and I think: Give me a shot at 'em. I just came from the range, and I got six head shots on my first try. Come on. Let me have a go at 'em!
Where are the Senators and Congressmen on this matter? Why isn't this President being called out for TREASON? I'm dumbfounded. Absolutely dumbfounded.
I absolutely LOVE the banner! So Art Deco! The green/blue sky with the sun, the gold, the buildings, Ahhhhhh! Big Fur Hat is an amazing artist. And you are an amazing warrior.