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I found Dragon Dictation on the iPhone to be quite accurate. It is not, however, a true dictation tool. It will transcribe short bits of text (about a paragraph at a time works best), but you can't spell out words, specify capitalization or punctuation, etc. That limits its use for creating e-mail and Word processing. A bigger issue, for me, with transcription/dictation on my phone is that those times when I would want to use it, there is either too much background noise or it would be rude to do so. In short, this is an impressive piece of technology, but of limited use.
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Another issue with a single-minded focus on destroying as much data as possible is the costs of this approach for business who rely on knowledge workers. What are the costs of lost productivity because information is lost or has to be recreated/transferred outside of the e-mail system? I posted a more detailed response to the issues you raise here in my blog post: Planning for the Consequences of Your E-mail Retention Policies. I'd be interested in your comments on my post.
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