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Certainly explains why big cities vote Democrat.
Great, what's another couple of Billion, when he's already added trillions to the national debt, and is proposing yet another trillion dollar deficit budget. But, hey since there's no economic downside to taxing the heck out of the fuel that our economy presently runs on, let's do that. And then we can model our solar power green energy pipe dream on the Spanish / Solyndra models. (Or we could just go dig a big hole and fill it with cash)
Sure NBC looses ratings and money by blindly supporting the looting of the American treasury, but it looks like the parent company GE is making out like a bandit in return. (This is how it's done in Chicago folks.) As far as picking winners and losers, it wouldn't be so bad if the government at least had a history of not screwing that up. Can you say Ethanol. Change is coming, hence all the rats deserting the sinking ship, but unfortunately, the damage will have already been done to the economy, the Constitution and to our children's future.
The antarctic ice is thicker than ever and the artic is within its normal range. You can't name one single "Topic" island nation that is flooding, because there are none. And notice how the pols. aren't flying out to Greenland to see the melting glacier anymore. It is because it grew back like it does every Winter. Even the scientists at the Climate Research Unit don't deny the earth has been cooling. They call it a "Tragedy" that they can't explain it, but they don't deny it.
What a crock. The earth has been cooling for a decade and even the scientist at the heart of the IPCC / CRU openly discuss "The Decline" with each other apparently. The Russians have just outed the UK MET for cherry picking temperature data. And insturments set in concrete to monitor the level of the pacific ocean have shown ZERO rise in ocean levels. Even after the fraud has been exposed time and time again, we still have to listen to this garbage about "Green Jobs" as if transfering windmills and a few bio fuel fermenters to the Congo or Zimbabwae is going to make those countries less of a basket case. Now excuse me while I go let my V-8 pickup idle. I like it nice and toasty when I get in to drive the two blocks to the grocery store.
Cats and Dogs living together!!!! This two days after the Russians point out that the British MET office was Cherry picking termperature readings like Michael Mhann (sp) cherry picks tree rings. I think in 30 years the last believer in AGW will be pulled out of a cave on some remote "dry" pacific island, like those Japanese soldiers that spent 30 years in the Jungle still believing the war was going on.
Mannstein, You rail against the idea that the poor people of Venezuela should be forced to pay more for energy and describe the idea as 'squeezing the last drop of blood from the destitute". I agree with you up until you make the statement, "Sounds like what the Republicans are up to in the land of the free..." What planet have you been living on. It is the Democrats going back for years that have constantly advocated higher taxes on gasoline and the Republicans that have opposed it, in part because of the impact it would have on working families. Presently, the Dems are pushing through a massive energy tax that would add close to two grand to the average families energy bill. While both parties tax and spend too much for me, it is the Democrat party with it's massive spending, and proposed massive new energy taxes that is doing a very good impression of Marie Antoinette. (As a side note, I don't think Marie actually ever said "let them eat cake." Probably just a malicious Wikipedia lie)
Mark BC Global cooling has in fact been taking place for the last decade. Indeed the head of th UN IPCC has admitted this fact. See third link. Arctic Sea ice is actualy growing, although it always flucuates. (See last link) I have pictures of U.S. Submarines on the surface at an ice free North Pole in the late 1950's.,25197,23411799-7583,00.html
At HarveyD's request, I have twice attempted to post links to peer reviewed articles which dispute AGW theory. I also posted links to articles referencing the hundreds of scientists and climate researchers who have disputted the IPCC report and the so-called science behind it. Finally, I posted a link to an article by Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein in which he describes climate regulation as a means of wealth redistribution (The true goal of many in the AGW crowd in my opinion). For some reason the posts have disappeared as soon as I post them, so I won't try to attach the links again, but Harvey, I'm sure if you do a quick goole search, you will find there are quite a few "peer reviewed" studies out there that do in fact dispute AGW theory.
As record cold water temperatures resulted in a record low hurricane season and as we prepare to enter another record breaking cold winter, you can sense the urgency on the part of the leftists. If they don't use the AGW hoax to sieze control over all productive human activity soon, even the most rabid MSNBC Kool Aid drinker will catch on to the fact that the planet has been cooling for a decade. How many times does that crackpot Hansen have to be caught cooking the temperature books, and how many so-called "computer models" have to be exposed as frauds, before the flat earth, no growth enviromarxists actually acknowledge reality.
I am quite certain that "big oil" would give up any modest subsidy, if the government would remove the tremendous tax burden. Federal and State governments get a higher percentage of the profits from a gallon of gas than do the oil companies by far. I doubt any industry pays more in taxes than the oil industry. They pay income tax and then have an additional tax placed on their product at the pump. If "big oil" is subsidized, then why do we worry about how to replace lost gas tax revenue when cars go electric. Only in the land of the looney left can companies that are net tax payers (by huge margins) be accused of being subsidized, while people who don't pay any taxes are always clamoring for their next stimulus check, or "refundable tax credit"
Why don't they just passing a law mandating peace, love and happieness. And maybe giving a million dollars and a sack of gummy bears to everyone.
It is interesting that after satellite photos disproved the claim that the area covered by sea ice is shrinking the global warming (or is it climate change) crowd now shifts to the much harder to disprove claim that while the ice area may not be shrinking, it is now much thinner and the poor polar bears are going to fall right through. However, I see a couple of problems. 1. NASA has confirmed that global temperatures, inclusing ocean temperatures have been decreasing for a decade, so if something is happening to the sea ice, Al Gore's massive carbon footprint is not to blame. 2. For those who point to thin ice at the north pole, or worse yet, "Open Water" as a sign that the Dennis Quaid was right, U.S. Submarines have been surfacing through thin ice, or no ice at all at the north pole since the 1950's.
@ToppaTom, If you are asking why did the court simply ignore the law, the answer is simple. Obama told it to. If you are asking why the UAW, which should have gotten almost zero as an unsecured creditor, was given control of the company that answer is also simple. The UAW raised millions for Obama and his fellow travelers. The secured bond holders did not.
It costs almost as much as the Tesla "S" and is twice as expensive as the promised prices: Nissan, Detroit Electric and Miles are publishing for their EV's. 99 mile range with a 50K price tag. No thanks.
Most Lemonade stands only make money because mom provides all the supplies without any thought of reimbursment and let's junior keep all the profits. Come to think of it, Obama's giving the auto companies billions of our money without any expectation of getting one cent back, is kind of like a parent helping a kid with a lemonade stand. Yes, the management of the Union Labor auto companies has done a terrible job, but the answer to that is not to bring in someone even more clueless. The answer is bankruptcy. Under Obama's leadership, we are funneling billions of dollars to Chrysler to cut jobs, and billions to GM to ship jobs to China.
So it is news that a government run industry agrees with the government. What's the next headline, "U.S. Auto company agrees with government proposal to give Union majority stake in company." or "U.S. Auto company agrees with government propoose to fire CEO and slash advertising budget." Don't get me wrong, you take government money and you don't have any right to complain when a 47 year old community organizer that has never run a lemonade stand is telling you how to run your business. But now that Obama has those companies by the _______, it isn't exactly news that they are falling in line behind whatever crazy idea he comes up with.
When gas was over $4.00 a gallon, they couldn't keep hybrids on the lot because customers could see a reasonable return on investment that would justify the price premium. With gas prices now 50% lower, they are having a hard time giving them away. Unless people can see saving enough money within a few years to pay off the price premium, hybrids will remain a "green status symbol" coveted by a small percentage of the market. A better approach would be to concentrate on developing a long range EV, with no more than a price premium that could be recouped in three years or less. People would flock to buy such a vechicle. (I know. Easier said than done.)