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Congrats ru kidding? she bought that seat big guy. Where you been? No good deeds grow from bad seeds. The lady cut the line waving a fistful of cash. I hope Jason Mehler takes her out in November. This whole big thing was dirty from the start. Melher needs to start building an army now. Julie Julie Julie ur a cheater. Jason Jason Jason gonna beat her. thats a song, right.
I prefer the new Tiki bar at the beach- next to Playland. The waiters are khaki clad and adorable and the frozen drinks are like Cancun Spring Break 1986 w/out the noise and the crowds. I love loud music driving in my car or at Jones Beach but in a bar or restaurant - hate it - always have. Its not an age thing either.People go to bars to talk to other people. If you can't hear, what's the point?
I spend a lot of time in that alley. I never saw you there, Bob. Amico, oh yeah, but you, never.
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As a matter of fact I find McLoin very talented. Would your eight year old really put together something like this? Is she on the public payroll as well? Nepotism is the name of the game at Yonkers City Hall so it wouldn't surprise me, but eight, really?
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I spoke to Virginia Perez on the night she came upon Terrero and his illiterate and bigoted campaign "treasurer" tearing down posters like common street thugs. Virginia was quite upset. She is not a career politician feeding at the public trough- but a private sector employee who felt compelled to run after her brother was senselessly murdered. She is still learning how ugly Yonkers politics can be. What she found most upsetting was not the destruction of her campaign posters -posters she paid for with $10 and $25 dollar contributions of hard working reidents who believe in her cause - as upsetting as that was to her. No, what she found most upsetting was Terrero, caught in the act, blaming Jose Roman. That and his low class "treasurer", PIEDAD ABREU - who filed each one of Terraro's financial filings late to avoid the scrutiny of the political press - a blatant violation of state law - using an ethnic slur to describe Sandy Annabi. In a scene right out of Westside Story (although Piedad is no Rita Moreno), she castigated Virginia for not supporting a fellow Dominican. So Piedad Abreu is not only inarticulate and practically illiterate (take a look at anything she's written) she also violates campaign finance laws repeatedly. And, by far the worst, she is an ignorant bigot. Annabi will win on September 15 despite lowlife machine flunkies like Abreu. She's dealt with jealous and petty people for 8 years and has only risen in stature in the face of adversity. Perez, however, has got to be disheartened coming face to face with such ugliness only to have Terrero files a "complaint" against her! A complaint the Yonkers PD are not taking seriously I might add. He's caught in the act so he wastes the Yonkers PD's valuable time, as well as taxpayer's dollars filing a false complaint. Nice move Terrero! Although I'd expect no better from someone who would hire someone as low as Piedad Abreu. I encourage every voter in Yonkers to vote against such poverty industry thugs. The Yonkers Police and Firefighters endorsed Perez for a reason. They're disgusted by this behavior as well. Vote for Perez and Annabi on September 15 to send a message to the machine.
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Anon @ 11:49 is unintentionally funny in a number of ways. He states that Annabi should have fought to "male" sure her concerns were addressed. I think Anon's problem with Annabi is that she is such an awesome fe"male". Sorry Anon. The woman WORKS for her district. Unlike Alvarado, who delivers"tools" (I'm sure he does!)Annabi is out there on the front line. Good statement Ms. Annabi. Don't back down- and give this Mayor hell! See you in the County Legislature in November!
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"Doozebots" and "law and disorder" clearly depend on the Westchester County Political Machine for their survival. They're the type that would never get a job in a free market economy. On the other hand - public sector welfare, er, employment? - right up their alley. Both post way too often, suck up to the machine, and attack anyone with a modicum of independence. I'm not sure Schorr or Castro, or Annabi for that matter, care what these little suck ups say. It's still one man one vote in this country, and posting 50 times a day won't change that.
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Fraud? Mayor Amicone calling ANYBODY a fraud is amusing, but like Annabi or not, she's one hard working Council Member. The people of her district love that woman. She delivers...and she does so genuinely. "Mayor" Amicone is the fraud. He should know that any half way educated voter understands that questioning a budget does not mean lack of support. Annabi is 100% behind law enforcement, but it's her responsibility as an elected public servant to question spending. Yes, even public safety spending. Does Amicone have a little problem with women? Does Amicone have a BIG problem with smart, beautiful women who are independent of that organized crime ring he calls "the mayor's office"? I predict Annabi ousts Alvarado easily, sending one more of the machine boys packing. Go Sandy!
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Mr. Ted, I believe it is important for you to state that Mr. de Frondeville is supporting the current board, Josh Nathan, Laura Slack and finance committee member (with Mr. deFrondeville) Raymond Schmitt, as well as this year's budget. This is notable due to Mr. deFrondeville's standing in the community. Although Mr. deFrondeville has been openly critical of this school board's decisions in the past, as I have, we both know that electing trustees who get their marching orders from the teacher's union will have a far more negative effect on Rye's fiscal health. This is particularly so with candidates as unqualified as we are offered. Stick with this board, which is moving at least in the right direction, and then resume your loyal opposition, if that be the case, at a later time.
Mr. Zung, I saw that meeting on television. You obviously did your grandstanding in front of the cameras to embarrass the Superintendent. I'm proud of him for not taking your bait. You can say 24/7 that you are a man of iintegrity, but that doesn't make it so. Even your own troups are uncomfortable by the over the top theatrics of their leader. Stop smearing people for mammon. Being greedy and nasty in a time of economic pain is repugnant to most. Read the editorial in the Journal News this Sunday by Lori Nikolski where she says everyone in the region understands this, except tone deaf megalomaniacs like you (my words - not hers).
Oh PS to Mrs. H. I am truly sorry that your children were harassed for being Latino. You know who would listen to you about that? Laura Slack. I'm telling you she's a bleeding heart liberal and if you called her tomorrow she'd be there for you. Try her, she's listed. And that is why all those people got up to defend her. She's carried, at one time or another, half this community. While Susan Hendler was picking out upholstery fabric. Or yelling at the nice ladies at the Rye Free Reading Room.
Hello again, Ignorance! Don't you have a class to teach in the morning? So now I know your issue. You are disappointed you don't have "access" to the board. Why don't you try writing a letter? They always respond. Or, you could come to a board meeting during the public sessions. Write to Josh Nathan, the president, who the teachers' union jumped all over the other night. He's a quiet, respectful public television attorney. He works for PBS - P B S - instead of raking it in at a White Shoe firm, and the teachers' union says he doesn't value education. When I was a kid they called 13 "Educational Television", remember that? You make it sound like he works for Reuters or Bloomberg or something. So try it. Unless of course that's not the kind of "access" you had in mind. But I can't help you there. Ignorance,I'm gonna be your friend here for a minute. you need to maybe concede gracefully now. I know you and your crew must be really disappointed that none of you thought to check and see if your flag waver Susan Hendler ever bothered to vote before you put her out there as Miss Education 2009. She said she didn't know much about the we know its because she was more concerned with the renovations on her new house! Golly, that concerns me more than my children's education funding! And she needs to stop saying the police sat out side her house when the police say they didn't. She'll do anything for attention we know, but the police keep a log book. Never happened, ask them. She didn't come in till the next day. Of course now we know how important that house is to her, more important than the school board elections, the school board she's now going off on in front of the television cameras. She had a chance to chose who represents us on the board but she was maybe looking at paint chips for 14 hours every election day, or window treatments or something real important like that. She couldn't find time to vote on money to pay teacher's salaries, isn't that terrible, Ignorance? Why don't you just cut her loose? Laura Slack loves teachers and loves to give them raises, she'll take you back, she's a bleeding heart sort. I can't say for sure how Ray Schmitt will treat you when he's elected, he seems like kind of a tough guy. But Slack, piece of cake. Once Jamie Zung takes a nice long sabbatical and you put away your NYSUT talking points, we'll all be friends again. Anyway, lets meet at the Roadhouse when this is over. I promise no more misogynistic remarks and you promise you won't get a little tipsy and hit on Doubting Thomas. I can see you have a little thing for him. Kind of like Hepburn and Tracy. By the way, Truth Be Told is a guy,and he's single. See you at the Roadhouse when the polls close?
Release the tapes! Oh I'm sorry, that was Watergate. You do know folks that Dr. Shine has no legal and ethical obligation to tell you anything said in his private conversations with the board, principals or teachers. Those conversations are private. That means none of your stuck on stupid business. I hope informed people ARE discussing whether certain teachers can actually teach BEFORE they get their lifetime job commitment. And all those glowing recommendations from principals aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Not all of Rye's teachers are "wonderful" or "stellar" or all that. Yet they all get tenure. And once they get tenure they can get drunk with 15 year old girls and keep their teaching jobs. So someone needs to be taking a hard look at tenure, that's for sure.
Mrs. Van Dolsen, Is it true you have sold your home and will be leaving Rye? Why are you so concerned about our school board which, even in the most far fetched scenario where the union's unqualified ringers were elected, would not convene until after July 1? Why are you so heated, if not to settle past scores?
Did Ignorance really write "most importantly..."? Now I will agree, that is her style of writing, as she does toss around legal opinions with little regard for the facts in a bombastic fashion. But the correct term, which should be known by someone so annoyed by ignorance, is "most important". Importantly describes an action,important a noun. I find it annoying when someone who purports to know the law, states two, if not three, times that it is illegal for a school board member to observe a teacher. Maybe in North Korea or the former USSR, but not in America. And Ignorance, who is not fooling anyone with her attempt to act as if she is just a supportive parent, is providing links to web sites that do not support her "legal theories" anyway. And another expert misspelled comparative. We all hit the wrong key. I do all the time. But if you think you are schooling those of us on this blog with your posts, excuse the pun, then it might benefit to check your facts, as well as your spelling and grammar. Ignorance, FWIW, Thomas just ate your lunch.
I guess the impartial observers on the Editorial Board share my nasty personal "agenda"? A wise man once said, an agenda is what someone has when they have the temerity to disagree with you. Hendler's manic phone calls didn't work their magic, and her vendetta has backfired resoundingly. Thank you, Susan, for being so awful to people who have never harmed you in any way. You are better than a dozen lawn signs. You and Zung are quite the team.
If Teachers are educated professionals, which I believe many, but not all, are, they should not be paid according to 19th century labor laws designed to protect workers in sweatshops. Young adults with Masters degrees, making over 100,000 a year, do not need the protection of a labor union. That being said, this is not pro-union v anti-union. That is another distraction - like this silly "cover-up". Mrs. Van Dolsen is correct that our teachers are unionized. That is unfortunate but true. We can't do anything about that. However, we voters of Rye can say in a strong united voice on MAY 19, THAT WE DON"T WANT OUR SCHOOL BOARD UNIONIZED AS WELL. That is democracy...we can cast our vote for the incumbents and an independent, citizen led school board.
Hey Truth, my kids are getting blamed for your kids pulling up lawn signs. Mulberry just said she'd come looking for my kids if there are further acts of vandalism. Cool it, Mr. Hyde! And Scooter, I gotta meet you, guy. You have flair! Finally Doubting, thanks for the numbers for Mr. Smith. I thought this board was heading in the right direction tax wise but I didn't have that information. And you make a good point. Why complain on the one hand about tax increases above the rate of inflation, then turn around and rag on Josh Nathan on the other. It seems he's holding the line on salaries in contract negotiations. When people say the teachers being without a contract is the reason for all the tension in Rye, all I can say is, no one is stopping them from signing a new contract, and they get their raise just for breathing even if they don't. So who's causing the tension? And it's a bad example for the kids? Who do you suppose told the little kids?
Mr. Smith, that is a good question. I don't know but I will find out. If I recall this current Board has been bringing the tax increases down from the double digit increases that so many of us abhorred in the earlier part of this decade. Because they are heading in the right direction, more responsive to community, lower taxes, more scrutiny before awarding tenure, I think we should stick with them. Mr. Tuch has been having private, backroom conversations all over town, including with one at least of the ladies on this blog. But Mr. Tuch has yet to face the public. His schedule leads me to think he's more concerned with avenging a real or imagined grievance at one elementary school, than committing the time necessary to oversee our schools effectively. I am a taxpayer. I want my school board to be citizen volunteers beholden to me, not active or retired teachers union members. Nor do I want a few angry parents from Midland, they say 50...OUT OF almost 9000 voters in Rye, to let their personal agenda provoke them to climb in bed with the teachers union to punish our independent board for their decisions. I don't see where the misogyny is here, but maybe I'm not sensitive to that. I am sensitive to a UNION running their own slate for my school board. So I'm afraid of change? That's a change we taxpayers don't need. All the rest is innuendo.
Bunny, what meeting was that? I was not aware of a lawn sign meeting tonight. There was a debate last night, but what meeting was tonight? And which teachers union does not follow the lead of the NYSUT or UFT? Ignorance, the fact that you are a teacher IS scary. The union said it hopes to run candidates, preferably teachers - then out of the blue four names pop up - two of whom are teachers. hmmmm. They have never attended, or shown any interest in, Board meetings or the district budget before the RTA's announcement. BUT THEY ARE NOT RTA CANDIDATES? Yeah , right. And speakeasy1, you are certainly hostile and have an ax to grind. You say I am hostile because I have the temerity to disagree with you. That is too bad. Please don't participate if you can only attack the board and the superintendent. I want an independent school board. Many people agree with me - because they're not fixated on revenge. The Milton Gym is already constructed.
Ignorance- sorry, you're not an attorney. We've established that. "within the legal time frame?" you blew it again. The legal time frame hasn't passed. The clock is still ticking and Jamie Saracino still has her job. You blew it again, Ignorance. Keep your day job. You'll never make it in law school. AND lGat, Jean Sinnott DID speak the other night. She is a respected member of our community, but no friend of Laura Slack and Josh Nathan. Mrs. Sinnott has been highly critical of this board in the past, as has Martin Gerson and Bertrand deFrondeville. All three esteemed members of the greater Rye community felt a need to attend to speak out against the vulgar & coarse behavior of the teachers union and a few parents at the last two board meetings. They have all lived in Rye over thirty years, if not decades longer, and all three publicly stated they have never seen such shameful behavior, by the teachers union - not the board! All three perennial critics of the school board have this year STRONGLY endorsed Nathan Slack and Schmitt ( the only independent new candidate) because with a combined wisdom of over 200 years, they know well the danger of letting mob rule prevail in Rye. No TEACHERS UNION CANDIDATES ON RYE'S SCHOOL BOARD. Everything else is only a union created smokescreen.
1. SPEAKEASY1 and MULBERRY are disgruntled women who have never gotten over the Milton Gym boondoggle. They are stuck, permanently, and are incapable of reason ever since. Their anger blinds them to the point they make such statements as ...the fear of unions... GOOGLE the phrase "teachers union takeover of school board" and you will see articles from newspapers all over the country...current articles. If the RTA teachers union takes over our school board our taxes will go WAY UP. It is a fact and not a scare tactic. MULBERRY and SPEAKOUT1 know this, they are not stupid women, but they are burning to punish this board so much that they'd pay the higher taxes for a chance at revenge. They reference the board ...for twelve years...NONE of the current board members were on the board 12 years ago or even 8 or 7 years ago. These women are harboring grudges from over a decade ago and must be seen in this context. Ignorance is a union flack who says the Education Commissioner interprets laws among other numerous legal misstatements. The COURTS in the United States have this supreme function. She has posted 8 or 9 times now and every post has errors. She's hoping by repeatedly ignoring the issue of the RTA (teachers union) running candidates for our board, that they'll slip it past Rye Voters May 19. Steven Tuch has lived in Rye only two years. He has no idea what we taxpayers went through with years of double digit tax increases. He skipped the league of Women Voters debate...they said it was his anniversary - read a statement but avoided questions. He skipped the Journal News debate - and avoided questions. He skipped the school board budget hearing. He never attended a school board meeting prior to a month ago when he (independent of the teacher's union?) decided to run. He is on the Finance committee but has missed ALMOST HALF THE MEETINGS. I don't think he should jump to the head of the line. There are more experienced candidates who have lived in Rye longer and better represent the taxpayers. Susan Hendler...well just look at her on TV...YIKES!!! and she is eye rolling smirking and twitchy. She also has never been involved in Rye at all and never attended a Board meeting. No one has ever seen Gwen Hughes before - a retired RTA member. And Chris Repetto seems like a nice enough guy but he said at the Journal News that our taxes are TOO LOW. He's also never attended a board meeting before. All these "candidates" appeared out of the blue right after the Union said in the newspaper that they are looking to run candidates. Hmmmm...I suppose it could be a coincidence, yeah, right. TUCH HENDLER REPETTO AND HUGHES have all shown minimal or no interest or involvement in our district until the RTA was looking for someone to hand them a big fat raise. Do the teachers "deserve" a contract? Sure they do, and no one but the teachers is to blame for them not having a contract. They want too much money. All these other "issues" are intentional smokescreens.
I'm sure parents speak to principals every day all over America, but Ignorance, a school board can certainly overturn a tenure decision. NYSSBA is simply a membership organization. NY State LAW allows boards that authority and they should exercise it if they see fit. Sorry, Ignorance, your ignorance of the law as it pertains to this has already been established. And stop tossing out this smokescreen. The union is using this tempest in a teapot to try to hi jack our school board. Don't change the subject with your sh*%house lawyering. And "community" is more union speak. You must be an RTA rep. The community is Rye, and we don't want our taxes raised.
Hey Scooter, Thanks for having my back here. Its clear some people don't like Shine or Slack, but I don't give a damn. I don't want my taxes raised to pamper some rude self absorbed labor union members in the name of "fairness." The School Board is Shine's boss.We elect them. They speak for me. I LIKE THAT! And Susan Hendler shouldn't be let out in public...someone have a talk with her husband.
Oh please, this isn't Watergate, this isn't Arms for Hostages, this isn't Enron or Abscam. ABUSE OF POWER? COERCION? CONFLICT OF INTEREST? So if your husband's boss said something to him in a private memo and he leaked it to a fool who leaked it to another fool who made it public, you don't think your husband's behind would be out the door? Dr. Shine is entitled to private communications regarding personnel. Rooney made a BIG mistake in betraying his confidence by giving it to Tuttle, and Tuttle made a bigger mistake by betraying Rooney's misplaced trust and giving it to Jamie Zig Zag Zung - a union bomb thrower. Dr.Shine should be mighty pissed off at both of them. He's their boss, and if he makes them man up and tell the truth good for him! It's not's common sense. There is no intrigue here. Private is private...people talk privately with colleagues every day in workplaces across America, public and private. No one owes any one any obligation to release anything. It's PRIVATE and none of your business. I don't care what it says. It's all just another diversion from the real issue: A labor union is trying to take over our independent School Board !!! Wake up everybody! I don't care if you don't like this one or that one or you think Jamie Saracino walks on water instead of swimming in it. Too bad! Grow up and put aside your petty grievances. DO YOU REALLY WANT THE TEACHERS UNION NEGOTIATING A BIG FAT CONTRACT THAT WE HAVE TO PAY FOR? Then don't vote for Tuch, Hendler (who's a kook to boot) or Reppetto or Hughes. It'll be Union v. Union at the bargaining table...THINK!