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So, I can relate to Natalie's dilemma...I have it even worse: my personal trainer's gym is right next to a cafe which is widely acknowledged to have the best cupcakes in town. It's not like addicts need anything but the flimsiest of excuses to justify their behavior, but for several months when I was binging, I could say "but I had a really hard workout -- I deserve this," or "I've worked off a bunch of calories so having this doesn't matter" (even though I don't even believe in "calories in, calories out," since Gary Taubes has so capably busted that myth. I've been injured, so haven't been working out with my trainer for a couple of months in lieu of physical therapy. In the meantime, I've banned sugar from my life. (I recently made it 2 1/2 years before binging for about 9 I'm starting again with day 4.) Passing up those cupcakes will be hard the first several times I'm back at the gym, but it will be worth it!