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Jul 15, 2010
Guest Blogger Doug Menzer, offers up some basic advice that is definitely worth considering. When I sit with clients, prospects and colleagues, I try to spend the time both teaching and learning. In particular, when I coach many of the smart people that I am thankful to work with, on a variety of digital marketing and social media business strategies, I have a tendency to often lose them. This is most likely because of the speed that I explain things. I have a bad habit of assuming that people know what I am talking about because I get very passionate... Continue reading
Great post Russ. I was going to say something extremely smart but I realized that Shannon Paul already said something smarter here (...a few weeks ago…) I believe that Shannon supports what you claim when you specifically refer to how (mostly web) tactics should not be a “bandwagon thing.” Alternatively, as Shannon puts it, “you’re only fooling yourself.” Here are two very clear reasons from Shannons post... The intent of social media should always do two things: 1. bring down the barriers to communication inside and outside the organization; and 2. encourage participation in a dialogue with stakeholders Smart. Simple. Well-stated. Important - worth saying twice. Recently, I have had a few meetings with CMO's of a large global law firms to discuss social media tactics and strategy development. I shared some specific information (found with some basic research) about how one firm had some employee’s representing the brand like misbehaving middle schoolers…. Not only did this particular CMO blush but I also had 100% of his attention for over an hour and a half. Yet, it was made clear in the beginning that I was only allotted an hour. In my post from April of this year ( I do explain how even middle school soccer players can act respectfully... What if your employees saying: I work for law firm X and it is (expletive removed) but it pays okay, I am a legal (expletive removed). Hmmm... Well, not every social situation is going to be negative… but as Shannon says, putting the two things (mentioned above) in alignment with business goals is far more important than just choosing to get involved with discharging meaningless social media tactics. My free advice to this legal CMO… let your employees know you are starting to listen to all social media mentions about their brand, including internal and external communications. Break down these barriers to communication. Heck, I have two young daughters…. is not that the most primitive parenting tactic there is – “I have eyes in the back of my head.” You had better behave! No, I really mean, please know that I do listen and you can talk with me.
Great Job! Like this piece David. Scott is doing an awesome job for Ford! Doug Menzer