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albert erickson
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Mike, I own that lens, along with way too many other lens. But that lens along with the 24-120 f4 and my d700 are the lens I carry, and travel with the most. It is truly a wonderful lens, and great for night, and low light shots. I would strongly encourage you to buy it, and I know you will, like myself, fall in love with the lens. It may have some plastic on it, but it is very sturdy. Even if you drop it, I know it would still work.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2011 on How Much Would You Spend? at The Online Photographer
Mike, thanks, It was a very moving video. She certainly makes all our contributions to the world seem small in light of the work she contributed.
I met Bill at the Santa Fe workshop last spring, he is a great photographer, and also a good writer. I just asked my son for the book for my birthday. In the small world category my son is also a Gris i.e. a graduate from the University of Montana.
I was just at the store today and B and H is a pilgrimage every photographer needs to make in his or her lifetime. I agree with everything said.