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Aaron Miller
Interests: Born in the Spring of 1986 and began spilling out his creativity onto the page as early as he can remember, whether for family, friends or just for fun. Fascinated by all things colourful and cute, a harajuku magpie if you will. This lead for a life of art and design, chewed pen lids, and an ever growing collection of sketchbooks. Aaron Miller is a hard working illustrator who lives for drawing and enjoys nothing better than a new sketchbook and a black biro. Graduating from the sleepy Cornish town of Falmouth in summer 2008, and draws for a living. He would love to say that he gets inspired by the world around him and what everyday encounters he might have, but that would be a lie.Aaron draws completely from his imagination. Aaron brings a natural passion and bucketfuls of enthusiasm to any project, big or small, and likes to let his illustrations do the talking.