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Kathie Brown
Upper Black Eddy PA
Omnivore with an interest in what evolution means for philosophy and politics
Interests: science, consciousness, politics, economic transparency, art, antiques, gardens, English novels, dogs, singer songwriters
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Whether or not this is some kind of "bourgeois counter-revolution," I know why I'm on the Green Side (TM). Look closely at The Big Picture photo array. Where are the women in the pictures? Not many in Ahmadinejad's crowds, which are loaded with 30 to 50 year-old men. Look at the Basij, again 30 to 50 year-old men with pretty free hands with the batons. On the Green side, women are not only among the crowds but they are actors. Glad to see cofax noticed that too.
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I knew I could count on hilzoy to respond intelligently to the murder of Dr. Tiller. What I didn't predict was that this thread would relapse into an examination of abortion itself. And that the same ol' same ol' suspicion of women re: reproduction would be so prominent. GUYS! Although I don't know the statistics of Dr. Tiller's practice, I would bet that the majority were represented by the couple's story hilzoy included in "Dr. Tiller." Fetal defects resulting from genetic and epigenetic causes, such as the left ventricle development issues of Down syndrome or the neural tube closure defects that range from spina bifida to anacephaly, cannot be reliably diagnosed and their severity assessed until long after the first trimester. There are also various reasons, also genetic and epigenetic, that fetuses die in the womb partway into the second trimester, even up to 8 months into pregnancy. Parents struggle with decisions because the baby, if delivered, undergoes real suffering, death, or severe disabilities (usually multiple). Not to mention, since to you guys it's just collateral damage, injuries to the woman's reproductive capacity. The stories coming out of the Tiller clinic are not so-called "partial birth" stories; and they do not involve women offhandedly waking up one morning to say, maybe I don't want this baby after all. But hilzoy I think I disagree with you about controlling privacy invasions at doctors' and employees' homes. What are harrassment laws for, if not such situations. And especially to address the stories of Operation Rescue trailing children around with the intent to shame them. I don't think, for instance, that Fred Phelps should be able to invade dead soldiers' funerals.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2009 on Operation Rescue at Obsidian Wings
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My comment on another blog was "Dear God, what if Obama had chosen a black jurist?" Actually, as the days go by, could it have been any worse? It's as if the big resentment is that they can't say "n****r" or, in this case, sp*c to her or any one else's face. I've spent my whole life dealing with how to respond to racist comments, but it used to be jokes by blue-collar men. By gum, it's now white-collar men (they used to do it only when they thought no "others" were listening -- it's only among "ourselves.") It makes me want to resign my membership in the white race (though most people wouldn't accept that I'm any kind of "other"). It's 2009, I thought we'd all be past that sad, sad defense mechanism. The reaction, which I don't think is just for political advantage, has upset me. Tancredo, the buffoon who nevertheless has a lot of more polite fellow-travelers, might want to parse the difference between "La Cosa Nostra" and "La Raza." Not to mention, "Gangs of New York." Grow up and recognize all our histories.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2009 on They Can't Help Themselves at Obsidian Wings
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As to Sebastian's worry about appeals courts making "policy," several commentors at other sites have explained what she was probably talking about at that moot court exercise with law students. She was, according to several lawyers who practice at the appeals court level, discussing policies regarding case acceptance, standing, legal procedures, and the like, which appeals courts are judging rather than the facts of cases they accept. As to the supposedly racist nature of the wise Latina quote: the right wing types have certainly mastered quote-mining, since they picked a single sentence out of a much longer speech, for which other commentors here kindly supplied the context -- just the excerpts I had picked out myself this morning. She is addressing the difficult nature of assessing objectivity, difficult since objectivity necessarily involves assessing one's own subjectivity and its influence on judgments. Objectivity is much praised and little understood; and it is not synonymous with impersonality or anonymity. Who would want judges with no personal experiences, no knowledge of the world, to help them apply or interpret laws that are bearing on actual persons, not abstractions? And, guys, get used to it, you're not alone at the top of the heap anymore.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2009 on The Benefits of Perspective at Obsidian Wings
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