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China Rose
Butterfly Beach
Zodiac Muse and Feng Shui Advisor
Interests: Life, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Plus cats, other animals, plants, our entire planet, the cosmic wonder and some other stuff.
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Thank you Christine for some really amazing insights that open us all up to the gathering of energy for a more sustained and productive harmony on Earth. Also for outlining new pathways for seeing and being our best and brightest, soulful, selves while never forgetting our spirit is actually are part of the universal body of light that sparks the heavens divine!!! Always appreciated.
correction: "as usual" - our self correcting machines always get that extra twist in there.
Thank you for your love and light Christine! As usually ...deep and insightful dialogue ~
Humans have body language that convey manipulation and anger, openly. Those emotions are our lowest common denominators and are predominately featured in our modern culture. Not hard to find or recognize. But you are correct, understanding love signals is quite the opposite and can be like cracking a cipher. Cupid's arrow and Love Luck, Monica -my modest blogger is a more fruitful, seeking process of nature's wonder. When you are pricked you will know it because your senses are sent reeling to another vibrational level. There is NEVER any mistaking that! In feng shui there is social, love luck the west calls flirting. This is really fishing and guys are ALWAYS fishing, they just don't want or keep everything they catch. They deliberately create sublties so they won't get caught violating social codes. (i.e. over the limit, undersized and without a permit- etc.) One sure way to increase "love luck" when you are single is by using flirtation as a dynamic form of pollination. One that encourages you to follow it's trail of discovery every "spirited" chance you get. With regular active, practice (going down dead-ends) you will sooner-than-expected find yourself in a blooming garden of happily-ever-after. I often tell my clients, life is the treasure so stop waiting and saving for a life you are already living. Good Luck, all the best and more... China Rose ~}!{~
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