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Jun 8, 2010
This is, indeed, right. Thank you for writing about it. I have been outraged about the prison problem for years, mainly because I knew an 18 year old kid who was sent to prison for life for giving a ride to some guys to get marijuana. While he waited in the car for them, someone was killed. My friend had no previous record - he was a good kid! He was convicted and sentenced with the Felony Murder Rule. Now, 16 years later, he is 33 years old and still in prison, despite perfect behavior in prison. Two governors have refused to pardon or commute his sentence, because they are "tough-on-crime". It is all just beyond belief. Our prisons are over-crowded now, and there are plenty of rehabilitated prisoners who should be released. We are just warehousing human beings. But politicians are scared shitless of any legislation that might make them look soft of crime. There is something very, very wrong with this picture.
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