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Cedar Rapids, IA.
Just another instructional designer trying to survive the worldwide depression.
Interests: Art, paleontology, WWII AFV, Godzilla, hand made cigars, peace and quiet.
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I'd like to help but Jane's link errors out to 404 file not found. The source site is but try as I might, I can't download and configure it successfully. I'm sure it can be done, but only by someone more software install savy than I.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2009 on WordWrap macro at Jane's Pick of the Day
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Hi Jane and thanks for all the helpful information on social learning and Elgg. A few of us here in the office are working to move our enterprise learning options to include such, but it is an uphill struggle. Your recent social media articles gave rise to a question we cannot answer. If an organization like ours is already using SharePoint Office 2007, what would be gained by adding other tools such as Elgg? Or do you see see these two tools as offering reasonably comparable abilities, making the(large)effort to add Elgg less than worth what is gained? Many thanks from all of us for your vanguard efforts! Don
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