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I vote that Teshina and Dusty get automatic spots on next year's affiliate team. That duo can do some major damage!
Hey peoples I have 2 extra 3 day passes for the Games. Call or text me if you want for FREE!!! 619-733-1003 Come support Pablo and Di Di!!!
Ladie, know what happens in the Pre-dawn class stays in the pre-dawn class. We're all so fast couldn't even get our times down. Grace, I know you hide a bag o' chips in the bathroom behind the extra tp rolls. You can't fool us.
Okay, does Tiff look tiny in this picture or do those weights look HUUUUUUGE?! Laurie, I heard Don saying the same thing. Where are we doing the wall climbs???
Hey Matt, thank you for the kind words and wonderful endorsement. I think you and I share the same passion to help athletes reach their full potential with sound teaching methodology and positive reinforcement. I look forward to future collaborations with you and Akross The Middle athletes.
Great job today everybody! Sure was fun watching all of you sweat your butts off! I posted a bunch of photos on the Rx Jump Ropes facebook page if anybody's interested. Have a great 4th everybody.
That's Dick Butkis, one of the most ferocious and most feared linebackers in the modern era. So, somebody at the gym is either a big Dick or a Butt-kiss or both. Hmmmmmm......Who could it be?????????
You know Jeff, the black and white pic threw me for a loop. I didn't recognize the Lieutenant because Chadillac's bells are always BLUE!
I only see half of Dusty in that picture. Where's the rest of him? Congrats Dusty. Good job buddy. Now get you're ass to work!
Uhh Yeah, the morning class all wore 85lbs weight vests, hellooo......and we carried 45lbs plates on our mile runs...... overhead.....backwards.....whatever....
Yup, there's my General Manager for Rx Jump Ropes.......and his mommy and daddy.
JD, you crack me up dude. Where you come up with that stuff??? Julia, more junk in the trunk means more gas. I have a fuel efficient, compact asian trunk. Not no Chevy El Camino.
Okay, first of all, I want to apologize for being the "guy" Paul is referring to. This was not intentional. CrossFit is like a drug that is terribly addictive. I MUST WIN. I'm an old, bald asian man with no butt (according to Julia). English is my second language. My mother always spoke Koreanglish at home which made things worse. In my defense, your number system is very difficult. It just doesn't seem fair that I try my hardest and can never catch Rose on an AMRAP wod. I cheat and still can't row faster than Deborah. I've even hid in the bushes right around the corner of the gym on mile runs and still cannot beat Sonja's times! So, I'm not so sure that I'M the only one cutting corners here. I'm sorry if it seems I am calling some of you gals out but your performances have been crazy lately. In closing, I can't promise that I won't trim a few reps off here and there if those gals mentioned keep cleaning my clock on a daily basis. But, if you ain't cheatin' you ain't trying!! I should get an A+ for effort!
There were some niiiiice scores today on that comp wod! We could have used those heavy hitters on our team. Don't think you people can hide anymore.
Happy birthday T-Bone! But Gina really should get all the credit for having you. Without her there would be no YOU and the world would be a sadder place. BUT, she popped you out and now you're hear and WE LUV YA!
Daaaang! That rock is bigger than JB's OHS!
Hey Paul, I almost flunked phys ed because my muscles were confused. It's serious business! I love the beginning of the infomercial when it says "there are 2 ways to get in the best shape of your life...the hard way and the right way...P90X". I wonder how many P90X followers also bought their college degrees online instead of getting it the hard way?????
Did anybody notice that Monica's monitor on the C2 grew legs and was getting ready to make a run for it. She and Emy must have been punishing that poor C2. Beasts! ANNOUNCEMENT to all Cfec'rs, Pablo and Lisa are competing this weekend at the OC Throwdown in Orange County. They're competing both Saturday and Sunday and it's a pretty large event so get your asses up there to support them!! They need your support. You'll get to see some pretty top notch crossfitters in action not to mention there'll be other people competing too!
Hey where's Brandon???! He was there for that work out. What a sexist gym keeping the man down.
Well, too bad there's no such thing as Instant Replay in CrossFit. So the original ruling on the field stands. And maybe i'm just getting LeNard back for shorting a ton of my reps on FGB. It's called subjective judging. haha
But where would we be without standards???? We would be just like any other CrossFit gym in the east county if not for standards! Plus, there was no show of favoritism being that Lenny is a member of Rx Jump Ropes AND practically my common law brother-in-law.
Roberto, you should have done a stairclimb/burpee/sacrifice work out. That place looks awesome.
Dusty, I have underwear older than you! Probably just as strong too! Happy B-Day (no-that doesn't stand for beer)!
Holy cow...who's that giant in the picture?? Looks like he barely fit through the roll up doors! I'll bet our neighbors complained each time he landed those squat jumps!!!! boooom.....booooom.....boooom....
I still don't know why I have to get the gay name??? Not that there's anything wrong with that.