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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Interests: Patchwork, fishing, exploring Australia
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I know I'm gonna love this ... these blocks are wonderful :)!!! Hugs, Joy :)
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2014 on More Bluebird Lane at Natalie Bird
Mmmmm ... your peach pie looks delish, and your Pam Kitty poster is just gawjus in that bright red frame :o). Good to see you back without the password ;o). Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2011 on HEY!!! Here I am!! at Red Geranium Cottage
What a touching post Melissa .... those cards you have are treasures indeed. Lest we forget. Hugs, Joy xx
It's funny isn't it ... I always used to steer right away from green - but now I seem to be drawn to it!! All shades, all sorts lol. Even though pink remains my very favourite colour ... I too am looking at the green one. You know though, whichever one you do .... it's gonna look gawjus ;o)!!! Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2010 on Pink or Green? at Lynette Anderson Designs
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Your block is simply delightful dear Penny GG, and your quilting on "Springtime" is absolutely gawjus .... as we all knew it would be :o)!!! What a wonderful journey it all turned out to be, so glad to have shared it with you my dear friend!! Love n hugs, Ethel xxx *mwah*xxxxx
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2010 on Springtime at Willowberry Designs ~ Alpaca Softies
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Yes Please!!!! I'll come and visit :o)!!! Love your new block ... now I can't get that song out of my head he he he..... We all live in a ........... Love n hugs, Ethel xxx *mwah* xxxxx PS ... 48 sleeps to go :oD!!!!!!
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SO pleased you like your pinnie dear Penny Goodgiggles (he he he), I didn't realise you had a matching thread catcher too ... how very spesh!!! :o) I'm absolutely GREEN with envy that you have those gawjus 'Pure' fatties, I love love LOVE that range :o)!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for them, bet it will be beautiful ;o). Love n hugs, Ethel xxxxx *mwah* xxxxx PS ... 53 sleeps for us WOOHOO :oD!!!!!!!!
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Mmmmm ..... those souffles look delish ~ raspberries are my very favourite you know ;o). We did have a lovely day with Mary, Karen, John and the Fresh Hope girls didn't we, really lovely - and it was great to see you again too :o)!! Oh, and Felicity is GAWJUS ... I love your smudgy wriggly blossoms :o)!! Big hugs, Joy :o)
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Did you know that "Phoebe" is my very favourite name in the world???? Just love your block keeper you very clever thing :o). Now I'm off to check out your stash manicure tips :o)!!! Love n hugs, Joy :o)
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What a fun day out!!! I've been to that Antique shop too, isn't it just huge!!! A treasure in every corner ;o). Your plate was such a fabulous find ... who'd have thought it!?!! Love your prety quilts Cheryl, you have been a busy quilter!! Love n hugs, Joy :o)
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Awwww, that's the cutest pic ever. Do ya think they missed you ;o)???? Hugs, Joy ;o)
Toggle Commented May 31, 2010 on Sofa sleeping.... at Lynette Anderson Designs
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Sooooo .... if it's not Shaz's does that mean that spare one is mine LOL?????? Congratulations to you dear Cheryl!!! How very spesh :o) .... you're such a clever stitcher!!! Love n hugs, Joy :o)
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Woohoo!!!! Congratulations :o)!!!! Fabulous giveaway Cheryl ... aren't you a sweety :o)!!! Hmmm, what do I love about blogland??? Well, it just HAS to be the GAWJUS people I've met :o)!!! Love n hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented May 17, 2010 on 300 at Willowberry Designs ~ Alpaca Softies
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Sounds like a lovely day planned with the fam!! Hope you have the bestest day!!! Love n hugs, Joy :o)
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Snowmen must be the happiest guys!!! They can still have a great big smile on their face despite being left out in the cold lol. Thanks for the chance to win some of your gawjus fabrics Lynette!!! Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented May 5, 2010 on Fun giveaway... at Lynette Anderson Designs
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What a fun day out!!! Love the look of all those pretty bottles ... I'm a bit partial to liqueurs ... yummm :o)!! And lucky you getting to have a kip on the way home, perfect end to a perfect day ;o). Love n hugs, Joy :o)
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Congratulations to Carrie ... looking forward to seeing what they look like in Verna ... bet they'll be just gawjus!!! Hugs, Joy :o)
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Oooh, she reminds me of Julie Andrews in the "Sound of Music" :o)!! Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on hello! at Wee Wonderfuls Archive
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3 posts in one day Cath .... yay for you :o). Glad all went well with the water tank, that's such a big job!!! I'm totally in love with your bunny girl, she's just toooo cute!!!! Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2010 on Back again..... at Cathron Country Designs
Awwww Cath ... she's simply adorable!!!!! And all that lovely pink .... so pretty!!! Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on Roberta Mae..... at Cathron Country Designs
Ooooh, pretty Cath :o)!! Lucky Sonia :o). Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2010 on A sneak peek..... at Cathron Country Designs
Awwww Cath, they're both so cute!!!! Looks to me like you've really got the hang of that needle turn thing ;o)!! Hugs, Joy :o)
I love to read your blog Leanne and I'm a huge admirer of your fabulous work. I understand completely that sometimes you just have to take time for yourself. I hope whatever it is that you're working through turns out exactly as you'd like it to. Take care of yourself, we'll all still be here when you come back :o). Hugs, Joy :o)
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2010 on Time Out... at Leanne's House