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Williamsburg VA United States
Interests: I love Ferraris; even just to sit in one recharges me. I'm a connector, wife, mother, grandmother, love family, classic and exotic car enthusiast.
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Thank you for the opportunity to be a guest blogger Joanne. I hope it will be valuable to your readers.
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This is spot on! In marketing and sales there is no one ANYTHING. The ultimate decision - to read or not to read; to buy or not to buy - is dependent on the buyer readiness and degree of pain. That means the marketing and selling might have several venues and ways to get to the goal. I am curious: you state - In an age where buyers are clamoring for relevant content (finding it less than 42% of the time)... that's an incredible statistic. Can you talk more about it? Thanks. Patricia Weber
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This is a new term for me, inverted introvert. I've read of extroverted introverts and introverted extroverts but not the topic of your blogpost here. I do believe it serves those of us more introverted to learn some extroverted skills. Still it's more important to our self-esteem, self-confidence, all those self-kind-of-words that we recognize, acknowledge and use our natural introvert strengths first. I'm just getting ready to post about such at my own blog but the bottom line is: we HAVE strengths that help us to do and be what we want. And those strengths are the balance to the extrovert. Take our ability to listen, plan, research - my goodness look at how you are showing up here with those strengths. There are too many negative myths about introverts that even introverts believe to the degree that many may now be memes. Thanks so much for this new perspective.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2009 on The Inverted Introvert at Only a Game
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