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I agree with others, we miss greatly Jeff's radio posts. It was my first go to website every morning. Your reviews were different than others - they were reviews of real user, reviews of someone I could really relate to. How about selling some of your old radios in the garage to purchase Tecsun S 8800? I recall you had originally planned to sell many of them, but then gave up. Maybe now it's the time :).
Toggle Commented May 16, 2018 on Jay Allen Reviews the Tecsun S-8800 at Herculodge
Why did you kill this blog :(.
I had this radio; it was the biggest piece of junk ever. It could not pick up almost anything on FM; the dial wheel was so hard to move. I returned it the next day.
What's the battery life? I heard it was rather heavy on batteries.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2016 on Herculodge Sangean DT-160 Review at Herculodge
How about new Sangean WR 50 radio?
I hope you buy it Jeff, test it, and make us all very very very happy knowing that there is still passion for radios within you :)
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2015 on New Sangean Stereo Radio: PR-D19 at Herculodge A radio for you Jeff.
Just bought a radio from anon-co (Tecsun PL 398 MP) about a week ago! How about this radio Jeff? Time to move to wifi radio and forget about noise...
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2014 on Sticky Buttons on My Sangean WR-2 at Herculodge
Dear Jeff. I hope this break from new watches will bring you back to your first love - radios. It's been a while since you reviewed any radio on this blog. I must say I miss it :)
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2013 on What Next? at Herculodge
I had this radio some 8-9 years ago. It died because I broke it. It had very good FM and AM reception, great speaker sound, and amazing battery life. I really loved it. It was true Sony radio!
Jeff, Maybe the new CC POCKET radio would do the job? I heard it has better selectivity than SANGEAN DT 400?
Jeff, this is FM only radio. No AM.
Pablo, is it possible to see the song name on MP3 section. Also, is it possible to navigate through folders.
Jeff: I feel your pain; I had the exact same problem with their new analogue Sangean PR D6. The radio was a pure disgrace. What in the World is going on with Sangean? Do they have a new manufacturer, or what? If they continue this way, they will be soon out of business.
The best internet radio app I know of is tunein, which is free, while the tuneinpro costs like $ 1,0 and you get the recording function.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2012 on New Internet Radio from Logitech at Herculodge
How about Sangean PR D8? That's the one I am thinking of.
This one is based on Vtuner.
Pablo, you can add as many internet radio streams as you like, as long as they are in WMA or MP3 format, the only two formats this radio supports. If the station plays only in AAC or AAC+ format, you are out of lack then.
I think the only difference between the Toughbox and the Lunchbox is in Toughbox’s rotating FM antenna and rechargable batteries. Everything else is probably teh same.
Jeff: Maybe you should revisit the idea of getting the Boston Acoustics Horizon Solo II instead.
Doug, this radio looks almost exactly the same as Mutant Internet Radio, which I own, but it's actually digital/fm radio with recording function. However, it looks like it's not possible to program delayed recording; you can only record while listening to the radio.
I wish DEGEN would finally get it right; I need a recorder radio.
This is radio to skip; too bad; I was looking forward to good radio recorder. Have not seen yet one that would do the job well. According to reviews, SANGEAN PR D8 also has many issues, such as lot of noise on recordings and so forth. Too bad.
They even show Roberts Revival Radio on the video, and CCrane has been selling those for a while. Weird. Speaking of simplicity and anti-tech radio, haven't they already done that with CCRAdio EP?