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''a word that eastern Europeans/Russians pronounce “meerkat”' As someone who has travelled extensively in Eastern and Central Europe, I can safely confirm that this is a load of fucking bollocks.' So you travelled extensively around Eastern Europe, walking up to people in the streets and asking them to say "market" and "meerkat" so you could compare the pronunciation of the two? Ahh, that's why they think the British are a bunch of weirdos ;)
Toggle Commented Aug 25, 2009 on Racism Detected at davidthompson
Makes me quite nostalgic for the era in which "He can't take a joke" was the worst thing you could ever say about someone...
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2009 on Racism Detected at davidthompson
I often think modern feminism has been a victim of its own success. I mean 90% of the original feminist ideas have largely been taken on board and implemented by western society and are now such a part of the fabric of society that we barely think of them as "feminist" any more. I mean, would it occur to anyone here if they were on an interview panel, not to give the job to the best candidate, even if should happen to be a woman? That would be just...odd. Nowadays feminism's just left with the 10% rump of the original philosophy that was eccentric, loopy or just plain wrong. But then at least 10% of the original ideas of any ideology are like that. It's just that most philosophies haven't had feminism's success at getting their ideas implemented by western democracies. The only surprise to me about modern feminism is its complete uselessness at combatting the genuine misogyny of a lot of the non-western world, where it doesn't come with a white face. The sisterhood sure seem to know their place in society - which is well behind black and asian men, apparently...
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2009 on Every Bit as Hobbled at davidthompson