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Good posts, Matt. I do think that it is good that you are looking for God's justice (Shalom) and not God's vengence which is His alone. Also Jesus' justice (Shalom) is restorative and means that the opponent will be a major participant toward restoring that relationship. Love for the enemy. I am wary of modern mission to be honest mainly because of christendom and its vestiges. The very fact that people believe that 'converting' because of the affluent countries where most missionaries are from should send up alarm bells ringing, if you looked at comment 39 on the offstumped forum. This has a lot to do with Christian witness not to mention the crusades, inquisitions, the world wars, and many of the supposed 'just wars' now. Most Christian witness is that which we like to know --that declare we to you. That which is not a reality among us, we declare unto you--a brotherhood we cannot practice.
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I was looking for this quote for quite a while and found it at wikipedia searched for anabaptist though it may be in the last post. The reason for not attending the state churches is these institutions forbid the congregation to exercise spiritual gifts according to "the Christian order as taught in the gospel or the Word of God in 1 Corinthians 14." "When such believers come together, "Everyone of you (note every one) hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation," etc...When someone comes to church and constantly hears only one person speaking, and all the listeners are silent, neither speaking nor prophesying, who can or will regard or confess the same to be a spiritual congregation, or confess according to 1 Corinthians 14 that God is dwelling and operating in them through His Holy Spirit with His gifts, impelling them one after another in the above mentioned order of speaking and prophesying. I am all for abolishing the laity because all believers are priests and prophets.
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Stuart Murray is a church-planter and he also runs a non-profit organisation where teams of people go plant churches in the outskirts of London, I do not know all the details, but anyway Stuart teaches the freedom to make mistakes which is basically self explanatory and also to confuse things a little more the prophethood of all believers. Alan Kreider wrote a really good article on abolishing the laity from an Anabaptist perspective (apologies for using the dodgy words).
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Traditionally, it has been the laypeople that have nostalgically perpetuated the whole leader-layperson divide/dualism. With there being a shortage of pastors I think the time may come for laypeople to take the initiative to creatively engage in authentic community. I am not a fan of the professionalism that seems synonymous with the hierarchy, I do think that Christians should rediscover the bottom-up, grassroots, gift orientated, organic, APEST leadership style.
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