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Mohannad Al-Shahwan
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Dear Group E, You're discussing a very hot topic which is women empowerment, i believe that the whole image have changed toward women empowerment and rights in Jordan , they can now work , speak up for their rights , and even lead ! if we go back in time 10 years, we wouldn't find this i think , women were not allowed to work , travel , or in other word they cant be independent , she cant even decide what to cook for that day .. We're living in a very modern country now and i so believe that women have proved that they can do it , they can work professionally, - one of my assistants is a girl and i so believe that she is very talented and deserves much more " professionally speaking " - I wish you all the best in your project and we're here for you guys if you need anything Best Of Luck Mohannad Al-Shahwan
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