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Norm Dutton
Pacifica, California
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I found the page where we can supposedly complain to Caltrans. If we bury them in email, maybe somebody will listen? It took my wife three hours to get home tonight.
The website to sign up for the county alerts is: You have the option of receiving alerts by text message and/or email. I received the first notice of this backup at 1 p.m. The alert said the backup would be over by 1:30 p.m. Right. By the way, my wife left Pacific Manor at 7 p.m. She isn't home yet, and it's 8:20 p.m. This is unbelievable. Hopefully, this will convince people that widening the highway is a bad choice.
Ian, I realize you are just acting as "devil's advocate," but I feel the need to rebut your statement regarding the northbound traffic. My observation while participating in the morning commute is that there isn't enough room between the signal at Reina del Mar and the proposed merge to hold that many cars. Caltrans will have to either throttle the flow of traffic through the signal at Reina del Mar, perhaps using metering lights, or let the bottleneck happen. Either way, there will be a backup comparable to what we have now. It will just appear shorter, because there will be three lanes instead of two.
Ian, I guess your first paragraph explanation makes some sense concerning southbound traffic. But I don't see how an extra lane helps northbound traffic in the morning. Most of the people heading northbound are driving past Vallemar. Right now, it's the traffic signal creating most of the problem. If the road is widened, it will create a true bottleneck. The merging of three lanes down to two just past the Vallemar signal will back up traffic at least as much as the current situation. I definitely agree with your statements about the other effects of widening the highway. I have observed that in other parts of the Bay Area where roadways have been widened, by the time the widening project is done, the roadway is again past capacity.
Remember the 3-year-old red-headed boy with the Think Tunnel sign on the front of the Tunnel Times newsletter? That was my son. He is now 19. Is anyone interested in including him in this (assuming we can talk him into it)? I also think a mass pedestrian walk-through would be good.
This is an excellent idea. It would help many of the people selling their house at this time. Considering that many are selling for less than they paid, or are completely "underwater," paying for a new sewer lateral is difficult.
Yes, this is a great and sudden loss. I'll miss reading his articles in The Progressive. He was always thought provoking.
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"The city will laugh just as hard at you as you face a mud slide in your backyard." Mr. Dodds, have you had a landslide in your backyard? I have. A large one. For the most part, the city was very supportive and helpful. Unfortunately, because it was on private property, the city didn't pay for any of it. The biggest problem I had was finding competent engineers. I literally wasted years and thousands of dollars finding a competent soils engineer and a structural engineer.
Didn't a past City Council (I think it was the "all-woman council") decide to save money by hiring a contract attorney? Then, after a couple of years, they realized that having an attorney on salary was less expensive than paying by the hour. It was either the same council, or the succeeding one, that went back to hiring a salaried attorney. The Tribune included council discussions about this topic in its council coverage at the time. Either way, lawyers are expensive, and very specialized. I'm married to an attorney but had to hire an attorney to help me with my parents' "simple" estate, as well as a tax attorney to help with an IRS claim we had.
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Wow, that hadn't occurred to me before, Lionel. You're right, I've noticed a big difference in life experience between younger people and myself, because of the Vietnam War. I recently unpacked a box of my father's memorabilia, which was lined with a couple of front pages from newspapers dated April, 1964. One had an article about a speech Dean Rusk gave about our involvement in Vietnam. I read the article to my son, substituting the word "Afghanistan" for "Vietnam". My son agreed you couldn't tell that the article wasn't current.
The idea of "getting new blood" into elected positions is compelling, but the reality doesn't support that idea. Our state Legislature speaks for itself. You can also amuse yourself for hours speculating on what might have happened in this country had Congress not imposed term limits on the office of President. There is a small pool of people in this city with the time and interest to serve on the City Council. To limit the time one can serve increases the possibility our council will become populated strictly by representatives of the special-interest groups in the city. They may not know how the council works, or even have attended a council meeting. They also would be likely to represent only the members of that special-interest group, and would be more interested in increasing the pay and perks of serving on the council. It can be successfully argued that this is already the situation. I counter that there are people currently serving on the council who are doing so in the public interest. Limiting the time one can serve will quickly exhaust the pool of people altruistic enough to serve for the greater good.
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There was a group of people constructing "No on D" signs on the empty lot where the Bubble Machine gas station once stood, south of Gorilla Barbecue. The main claim of the signs was "No taxation without representation." I realize that is a catchy phrase, revolutionary even, but completely bogus in this case. We are represented by our democratically elected city council. If anybody who frequents this forum is involved with that group, or knows somebody who is, they may want to come up with a better slogan for rejecting Measure D. There's a lot of them to choose from.
Dan, thank you for the posting about my mom. Karen put the collections of buttons together, and is happy you like them. She agrees that Jan must have lost the Adlai Stevenson button. One thing my mother impressed on me was that some of the most important and interesting things you do in life, you are never compensated for monetarily. Probably part of the reason I became a jazz musician. She was also a large part of my children's lives, and left an indelible print on both of them. I agree, we have all benefited from knowing my mother, Jan Dutton.
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