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Easy to save over $10K. Gas @ $3.00 (increases 10% per year) drive 15,000 miles/year, old MPG 24, new MPG 40. After 10 years savings = $11,953.07 Of course your savings will very, just play with the numbers. But more important is you've save 2,500 gallons of gas which is the direction we all should be going.
No surprise here, since the US market is the bulk of TMC's overseas sales, US sales follow very closely the price of gasoline. Remember when the price spiked two years ago, a used Prius was selling for almost as much as a new one. And I predict the price of gasoline will inch back up so those oil companies can recover their losses from the Gulf Oil fiasco. Get ready for a supply/demand shortage of hybrids etc.
The most important part was: The electric motor also offers a boost function, supporting the gasoline engine in generating particularly dynamic drive power for an even MORE sporting driving experience in the car. BMW drivers can never get enough of that!
As the demand increases new lithium sources will be found: Re-cycled resources is the key verses use it and throw it away
Consider the future on the road an automobile population: 1/3 Gasoline Cars 1/3 Hybrid (Gas/Electric) Cars 1/3 Electric Cars Refinery output for gasoline is reduced by ½ Energy savings required to produce less gasoline goes to power Electric Cars CO2 output from Gasoline Cars reduced ½ Reduced smog, acid rain, oil from highways/parking lots run off into waterways. Renewable energy for electric generation increases (wind/solar/nuclear/bio/hydro/tidal etc) Clean up coal/oil/gas power plants continues (CO2/fly ash/etc) Electric Cars have access to HOV and discounts on Tolls Ban parking of Gasoline Car from indoor garages. (Treat exhaust like second hand smoke) Electric Cars only within city limits (Just like no smoking in buildings) Filling Stations provide quick electric charging (DC-DC) fill-ups in a few minuets. Workplace/Shopping/Garages/Rest Areas offer public charging. (240volt) Electric Cars can give a boost charge to another Electric Car (i.e. dead pack) Remote control of climate inside Electric Cars (warm in the mornings, no scraping windshield) Minimal maintenance. No oil/filter/emissions/muffler/transmission expense. Using gasoline is a convenience and polluting so you should pay extra for it. Pumping/Shipping/Refining/Distributing Oil is energy intensive and polluting. It should not be an inexpensive option.
Onboard genset: RadMax™ engine (generates 1hp/0.75 lb with multifuel capability) Have just enough bi-polar lead acid battery with Supercapacitor for a 10 mile range. Lower total weight & improve drag coefficient. (Don’t move mass or push air you don’t need to.) Inexpensive, outstanding fuel economy and can be built now! Engineers and automotive workers are available to start now! Dealer showrooms, manufacturing plants, suppliers are waiting… You build it and we’ll buy ‘em….