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Kathy, It is possible to become emotionally stunted, regardless of age, due to emotional pain in one's past. The good news is, each and every one of us can overcome that and the vast majority of people we read for really do want to overcome it. Your postings reflect you are doing marvelous growth on your own-congratulations!
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browneyes, As Gina Rose mentioned, neither the mood of the psychic doing the reading nor the mood and/or emotions of the client affects what we see and read for you. I work as a clear conduit to deliver information to a client from the universe. When you feel "mesmerized" by a reading with one of us, you are experiencing a true connection with the psychic. Best wishes,
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Morgan, Excellent article! I couldn't agree more. It's human nature for us to focus on what (or who) we want, but that focus won't make someone want to commit to us. I do believe it makes us actually less attractive to the person we want to commit to our relationship.
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Morgan, great post. I agree one of the most important things we can do for our clients is to lead them to the realization that we can re-write many of the items in our own script. What a tremendous freedom that brings them, along with joy.
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