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We're coming to a time when we're going to be persecuted for being Christians. It has been a long time coming, but now it seems to be escalating. Some of you pastors are going to have to decide whether to speak about certain sins and risk breaking 'hate' laws. Brazil just passed some legislation that relegates religious broadcasting to late night because of negative statements about homosexuality. These statements are considered obscene and not fit for children. The next thing will be to do the same with the Bible....brand it as obscene. I think we may have to go to the gulag...whatever form that takes in America. I hope I am ready to do that if I have to, but I am not willing to go to the gulag for slick video presentations and fancy shirts and cool haircuts. So many of the more public ministries are ridiculous and eventually the pastors and churches who are laboring in obscurity...I guess getting FAT on Bible study...are going to be lumped in with the 'big boys'. I know that the Bible speaks of the 'foolishness of preaching' but this doesn't mean we're supposed to act like fools. And I know that the Bible says that the Gospel is offensive, but we're not supposed to be personally offensive. Preachers who resist the new-fangled emergent stuff are going to be relegated to increasingly smaller churches, or maybe they're going to end up in another line of work. Maybe God will be gracious and grant us a revival and maybe it will start in the small churches where folks are 'just preaching' and 'just singing hymns'. Go to church, hear the Word preached by a man called of God to preach it, then go home and follow Jesus. Is that so hard? Some of this stuff that's going on seems to totally leave out the work of the Holy Spirit. Check out the 'spontaneous baptism' services at Elevation and other places.