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The problem with pine nut prices is the glut of Chinese (like everything else) pine nuts. As more and more people began having the "bitter-mouth-syndrome" from the Chinese, prices skyrocketed for the much harder to find, and much more delicious European ones as your Citerella pic shows. A very sad turn of events. I can't understand why we can't have domestic ones.
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I had high hopes for the Adler book and found it quite disappointing. The comparison with Ms. Fisher is almost objectionable. No style, no real atmosphere and the "belle lettres" writing doesn't even come up to Fisher on a bad day. The early Riechl, before she became obsessed with her mother was the closest yet.
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Beautifully written. And the comments on the loveliness of stains on the page and memories evoked are so insightful. There are also the voices speaking to you through the books and I very much enjoy going from Julia to the blessed Alice, to Craig Claiborne to Marcella and on and on. It's like returning to old friends.
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And let us not forget the original two "Silver Palate" cookbooks. They had a voice, obvious passion for food and they're books to this day I use often. Based on all the commenters above, I've been tracing my own arc: from Claiborne and Julia to Silver Palate(s) to Marcella Hazan to Richard Olney and the blessed Alice to what is now my food. Today however, I must admit that much of my food is from Epicurious, Cooksillustrated,com, and several blogs. A new paradigm as I watch a friend cook dinner with a small laptop perched on the counter. :)
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