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Mike: I'll bet The Weather Channel is a favorite in your house. The big storm was sommething of a non-event in Western New York; nonetheless, we did have some weather, the front of my house:
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Mike: I have a used, aluminum 4 series Gitzo (still makes the "pop") and a new, very expensive GT2541 (never did make the "pop"), which is compact and easy to carry but doesn't hold a candle to the old, heavy Gitzo. But it's OK since there is nothing photogenic more than 100 yards from the car. Tom
You said "I think I've formulated a new standard recommendation: own as many lenses as you want at home, but take as few as you can with you for each shoot or trip." Mike: I couldn't agree more. I've been able to buy as many MF lenses as I want thanks to the depressed prices as the world converted to digital. I have so much stuff, that loading the car is a major task. Has my photography improved? No. I was better off with an Pentax LX and a 20mm, 50mm macro and an 80-200mm zoom (well, the 300mm was handy too). Still, a very small collection, easy to carry and use. I think I'll sell it all and get a 5D with a 24-105mm along with a 70-200mm. And maybe a 300mm f4 with a 1.4 extender and ...
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Mike: I second RobG's advice, You might also consider the Subaru Forester turbo, it feels roomer than the Impresza (better for big butts), even though they're the same wheel base. Aditionally: 0-60 in 5.9 sec (vs 6.3 for the Honda), available with a 5-speed and AWD and frankly, given where you live, the all-wheel-drive would be a Godsend. Tom
Ctein: If you change your mind about the 67 lenses; I'd be very interested in the 400mm ED.:) James, Pentax makes a 67 to K adapter (third party adapters exist as well). I have one, but frankly it doesn't make much sense in many cases, the lenses are much larger and heavier. Although the 105mm f2.4 makes a nice portrait lens.
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Geoff said: "...only to lose, heartbreakingly, on a missed last second field goal. Then they do it again the next year. And the year after that. And the year after than. Argh!" I think I became less emotional about watching football when I realized that as aggravating as that period was, they were in fact the good years of being a Bills fan. Tom
Maybe it's in response to this rumor: $6500 for a 645D would certainly get me off the fence
Just my lab recommendations: AgX does a great job with processing E6 ($10 for 220) and scans with an X5 ($10). I can also recommend Van Tuil ($5.99 for E6 220); haven't used their scan service. Tom
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Mike: The HCB photo is one of my favorites, but it always reminds me of Salvador Dali so it is interesting (to me anyway) that Halsman’s photo is just above. The Pete Turner shot you posted is also one of my favorites. Interestingly, as many times as I’ve seen this photo, it is the first time I wondered why all of the lights of the stoplight are on. I can only assume a long exposure as the light changed from green through yellow and then red; I suspect that it wasn’t by accident. Tom
Hi Mike: I am linking a photo I took in France in 2006. You will have no difficulty locating the photographer in this shot. The woman is my wife (so I’m not a voyeur) asking directions somewhere in France (that’s why we needed help, we only knew we were somewhere). I like this photograph for a few reasons: my wife was not yet accomplished or comfortable speaking French and I can see the mixture of nervousness and the joy of being successfully engaged in a conversation on her face; the man is supplying much more information than was required and doing so with great relish replete with hand gestures (he is French after all); finally the sun is shining. Tom
Mike: I read in the Pentax announcement that when the K7 is used on a tripod with SR off, the sensor can be moved as an aid to compostion; it seems that movement, if large enough, could be used for mutiple exposures in slighly different sensor postions that when stitched would yield a higher resolution image. If so, what a great advantage for landscape/still life shooters. Tom J