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Dayna Carleton
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Mar 21, 2011
Dear Elaine, As much as I enjoy all your reviews of books I must say I also appreciate your sharing of your maladies as well, as I am personally experiencing fall after injury after have-to-lie-down-can't-do-anything-else-but distract from the pain! One feels so frustrated to not be able to climb mountains and travel and walk and stand, etc. etc. and so it is particularly helpful to have you share not only your love of books which I also love and find keep me going but also your personal circumstances at the moment, with which I identify, alas, all too much! Just hit my local independent bookstore after weeks of being really good and staying home and sorting and cleaning. Found lots of treasures for 75% off! Great classic kids' books for the great nieces and nephews in paperback on sale! Much love and appreciation from the Green Mountains of Vermont!
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