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Wait a minute - Shouldn't you be blaming the press for this mess? I thought the press was the real problem.... :)
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Good post, Lou. I think few readers appreciate the degree to which the dynamics of the media world have changed, even in coverage of technology. It's a tough job for publishers - most of whom are dropping like flies - to be truly transparent, as it directly affects their bottom line. You and I both know the consequences to publishers-freelancers-readers, from an episode on "transparency" with a recent unnamed sponsor. But few readers understand the degree to which accurate reporting and coverage has been compromised. Indeed, I doubt that most readers care, at least until the content manipulation is brought to their attention. I don't always agree with your approach, but I do support your work on the often messy work of ensuring transparency. Hang in there.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2009 on What transparency costs at Communications Basics
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This heralds back to my recent blog about DAC relaxing the press rule for bloggers (both independent and corporate) and marketing folks (as press). Those few of us left in the press know exactly what I mean. From the responses on my blog and this one by Lou, it seems clear to me that most bloggers don't understand the "legacy" of the issue, namely, that without the established press most companies and conferences are desperately looking for any coverage they can get. This problem certainly isn't the fault of the bloggers, who are happy to find growing acceptance as "press." But not all bloggers are bloggers, if you know what I mean. This coverage-at-any-cost (not dollars but integrity of content) issue will greatly muddy the waters for legitimate and independent content provides. That's the long term issue.
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I thought EP was doing ok. Dang, sorry to hear about Murray. I'm checking to find out who else is affected too.
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Loring comes closest to the truth on this one. The ramifications for any editor who has mingled his/her brand with a particular corporation are serious. Conversely, editors who have provided full disclosure should be fine - even if they suddenly find themselves beyond the ever-shifting corporate boundaries. BTW: Lou - your comment posting mechanism is lame. I had to fill out far to many questions to register for yet another blogging account. If it was anyone else, I wouldn't have spend the time.
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