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"However, native organisms do not synthesize these alcohols. Until now, none of these alcohols have been synthesized directly from CO2, and alcohols above five carbons have never been synthesized in the biosphere." Unless I'm reading this wrong, this statement is blatantly false. Perhaps being more specific to their point the statement was meant to say that these pathways do not exist commercially at the moment. Anyway way you cut it I've made the alcohols with native biology and no genetic manipulation from 3 carbon and up beyond 8 carbon. I think a bigger problem is these bold false statements coming out of the biofuel and bioliquids industry right now. My departing statement is that fuel must be worthless, which makes it difficult to build a business plan around.
What the Governor does not do and has not said here is anything actually meaningful for the state of WA. I have not enough time to write all the things I have issue with (being a citizen of WA) but one thing that immediately comes to mind is her lack of pursuing any realistic alternative transportation methods in this state. This piece is simply rhetoric by our Gov. Example: The 520 floating bridge is an antiquated floating bridge which links a majority of our suburban cities and the city of Seattle. Lake Washington is the single largest barrier to us having well implemented mass transit (besides the politicians).The commute is torture, aside from driving around there is one other floating bridge on the south end. The 520 bridge is a bottleneck which is one lane each way and finally scheduled to be replaced. A toll is going to be setup this year, much to the dismay of many in this area. I do believe this would be a good way to get the replacement paid for however at last check the coming replacement will be......dun dunna Duuu! A one lane each way bridge, with no bike lanes or anything fancy like that. Most any news you here coming out of WA about our leading bio-whatever is a joke. I work in the field and we do nothing but setup barriers to entry here. I wish it weren't so because it is a beautiful place but trying to make a difference here just doesn't happen. We also are missing our "law" for state adoption of renewable fuels by the state agencies of 20%, we're currently sitting at 3%. This is because the state purposefully worded the requirements to favor Imperium Renewables, I think we all know how well that experiment went.