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Natural gas electric power plants can be easily and cheaply modified to use methanol which produces electricity more efficiently than natural gas. Several ocean vessels have been modified to use methanol which is a much cleaner marine fuel. Methanol can be converted into gasoline and into various types of jet fuel. Methanol can be converted into dimethyl ether-- a diesel fuel alternative for trucks and construction and farm vehicles. Plug-in-hybrid methanol fuel cell vehicles would have superior performance relative to purely electric automobiles and should be much cheaper since they don't require as many batteries. They could also be utilized to power your home during a power outage-- almost indefinitely-- as long as you access to bottles of methanol.
The US should be converting garbage and sewage into methanol and converting the methanol into gasoline to be blended into the nation's gasoline supply. This would create-- clean energy-- jobs in practically every urban and rural community in America. Marcel
It would be more efficient to use rural and urban biowaste to manufacture methanol through plasma arc pyrolysis. This methanol can then be converted into high octane gasoline using the MTG process. The carbon neutral gasoline can then be mixed in with regular petroleum derived gasoline up to any percentage. Plasma arc pyrolysis of rural and urban biowaste can also be used to manufacture carbon neutral diesel fuel and jet fuel.
This study doesn't include the $30 to $70 billion dollars spent-- annually-- by the US military to protect the Persian Gulf oil routes!