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Good views per visit alone isn't my fav metric because most content-based sites have poor navigation, so a large number of page views per visit often means people couldn't find what they were looking for. However, Prevention is looking at other engagement metrics as well, like visits per user. It's the combo of various metrics that point to the assessment that engagement at is up. Whenever I hear "CPM" I always want to ask "cost per thousand of WHAT?" I'm not a fan of cost per thousand page views. That's just falling into the easy but useless total number of page views trap. Same thing for cost per thousand unique visitors, monthly or otherwise. CPM is great for mass media vehicles but it's not as useful for niche online sites - and shouldn't all sites be niche media?
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2010 on An ounce of Prevention at News Numbers
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Mar 15, 2010