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WOW! Dave, you have captured the essence of what happens when we are wounded and how the Lord takes care of us. So often we overlook the blessing God has for us in our and our loved one's suffering. We need to seek for his goodness and blessing in the midst of our trials, not complain about what we have to go through. He is with us in our suffering and as Isa 30:18 states, "Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; he rises to show you compassion." The debriding, though it may be more painful than the actual wound, is for our good. And the cleansing that takes place (if we allow it) will purify us. The Great Physician knows what we need, how we need to be treated and will carefully, lovingly and gently clean our wounds. In the process we grow more closely to him and learn to depend on him. So, what's the blessing for us in the suffering? Health, purity, cleanliness, wholeness, nearness to God...the list goes on. How sad to know people who choose to live in their wounds, festering as they are, and refuse to go through the debriding process. They have to be miserable. Can you imagine if Cindy didn't want to have the bed sore treated and resisted because she feared the pain? What happens when we have wounds that we don't let God address? I wonder if God allows us to get to the point where we are too weak to resist so he can apply the anesthetic, clean the wound and bring healing. What a merciful God!
Toggle Commented May 27, 2009 on Debriding the Wound at Life In Real Time