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Bakersfield, CA by way of Detroit, MI
Displaced automotive engineer now small business owner in Cali. Lovin' it.
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Excellent review of Pollan's article which was so long I had to print it out and read over breakfast. I agree, Balzer is way too cynical. He may have been right 20 years ago but the pendulum is swinging our way. One problem with your post though."Foodies watch food television with their pants around their ankles..." conjured up a visual I can't seem to shake and left me laughing out loud so hard I started crying!
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Tomatoes have been in for weeks out here in Cali and my twice yearly hog meets his maker next week. Gonna have to up my Lipitor dosage to make it through all the testing. I can hear my wife now.."You're gonna hang what where?"
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Just checked you out on Amazon. 19 with a bullet. Except for Pollan I wouldn't read anyone above you if they were given to me. Biggest Loser Diet? Come on. I need a new copy of Ratio already. Mine has a little bit of every thing I've cooked so far on it. Looks bad. Smells good.If I were 2200 miles closer I'd be there.
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Maybe it's just me but the ad's aren't bothersome at all and using my browser setting, I don't get any pop ups. I think the pic of MR should be him sunning himself on the way to Vegas in the No Res episode. (Eerily similar to a trip I took in a past life.)
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