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Fred Straub
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It would be nice if the people doing the job actually used the tools. Would you hire a photographer that didn't know how to use a camera? Or more to the point, one that didn't have images to show you of previous work? Just appointing someone in the organization to "do social media" because they "want to" may not be the best way to gain credibility for your brand. Still... people gotta learn somewhere. Perhaps the question we should be asking isn't whether the person has experience but whether they are capable.
I decided to try an experiment about two months ago. I followed the 250 top tweeter list. I now have 1100-some followers. I followed anyone who followed me. And, like getting into an elevator with folks, some were interesting... some were not. I think that there are many like myself who are finding the vast unwashed masses out there really have nothing to say. They ride the twitter elevator with me facing forward never saying a word. It's that base of lurkers that gives twitter its millions of users... but are they really DOING anything with the service? After signing up and following Ashton Kutcher or Wil Wheaton... are they hanging around? I'll be weeding through those folks soon. Keeping Guy Kawasaki and unfollowing some others. I'm not interested in marketing spam and how I can make $200 every time I click on that tiny.url. I am interested in how is using the internet in new ways, or how is providing internet service to aircraft around the US. I've started checking out new followers and only following back those with interesting streams. I also followed my congress critters and that's been interesting. I'm trying out the new "discerning" style and we'll see where that leads me. I do know I can't read through 1100 people in a stream... I can't imagine how anyone can read more without filtering out large amounts of content. In that case, haven't followers just become a badge of sorts? So I can say I have more than you do? The power to talk to more of them than you can? And if that's the case... do we really want to put a lot of stock in a service where Ashton Kutcher is the most powerful person?
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on Twitter's Unspoken 50/50 Rule at Logic+Emotion