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Yes, he did. Why, I don't know. Could it be he's just another swamp creature who wants to be invited to the cocktail parties along with John Roberts and George Will? Who knows.
Thank you! Everything went well, and we are very pleased with our new daughter-in-law!
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Agreed. Good point!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2019 on Media Parrots Just Won't Quit at Posse Incitatus
Right you are! "Haste makes waste," as they say... That'll teach me not to skip proofreading. Thanks for pointing that out; I've corrected the embarrassing mistake.
Let's face it, 21st Century American politics is all about logical fallacies!
It sounds like an interesting book. I will add it to my "TO READ" list. Thanks for the recommendation.
It certainly appears that the Cohen raid is, to use a favorite phrase of liberals, a "Wag the Dog" event.
Spot on, K.N.! Here's a different perspective: Maybe being boycotted and denounced by the leftist media and academia is actually a winning strategy. Take Chick Fil-a, for example. Remember how, a few years ago, leftists from coast to coast raged about boycotting the popular fast food restaurant because its founder stated he opposed gay marriage? Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee organized "Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day," and many of the restaurant locations had lines winding outside the door and spilling out into the streets. In the long run, the restaurant's popularity and sales did not suffer. You are correct that Delta probably alienated a lot more customers and potential customers than they gained by caving in to the leftist brownshirts. Had they done as you suggested and stated they don't take sides, the company would have fared much better. In a sense, having the rabid left threatenng they will boycott your business is kind of like how the Republicans don't want the bitter and delusional HildaBeast to go away. The more she goes out and whines, pointing the finger at deplorables and mouth-breathing Neanderthals in flyover country, the better the GOP's prospects come November.
Nurg, I haven't read up on Rep. John Kennedy's grilling of Matthew Peterson, but I heard some sound bites played on a radio talk show. It sounded brutal, like Peterson is not qualified for the position and was unprepared. And keep in mind, Kennedy is a Republican; it's not as if a liberal was raking him over the coals. This speaks to a failure of advance work and vetting by the Trump team. Trump sometimes is impulsive, and it comes back to bite him big-time.
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2017 on Crow for Breakfast at Posse Incitatus
It always amazes me that people are so idiotic they think they can get away with making wild, unsubstantiated statements, or blatantly plagiarizing others' work, in this era of Google and Youtube. Yet we frequently hear candidates and politicians state baldfaced lies or make promises they don't have a clue of fulfilling, apparently failing to realize that those Youtube videos will be around forever to mock them. Think Barack Obama and his self-righteous rant about how G.W. Bush was "unpatriotic" to be adding to our national debt (it went from $5 trillion to $9 trillion under Shrub). Then Obama starts out with a couple years of trillion dollar ANNUAL deficits and ends up doubling the national debt from $10 to $20 trillion. And as far as plagiarism, it was easy to discover even in the pre-Internet days. Just ask Joe Biden!
Nurglitch, your points are well-taken. The "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" philosophy is often much easier said than done. In many cases, you are correct: People born into dire circumstances are only as good as their options. But I firmly believe that many of the middle- and upper-class blacks in the United States got where they are through sheer determination, persistence, and self-confidence (bolstered by faith in a higher being, I might add). In other words, they may well have been disgusted/depressed/discouraged about being born with the deck stacked against them, being let down repeatedly by their loved ones, and facing dehumanizing bigotry throughout society. But they also sensed -- and acted upon this instinct -- that they COULD break out of their dysfunctional world. I must say, when you consider what a bad hand American blacks have been dealt for centuries, they have persisted, impressed us and contributed tremendously in many fields and endeavors not only after the civil rights movement, but even during the darkest depths of slavery, Jim Crow laws and institutional racism. Check out my post about Black History Month from Feb. 27, 2010. I give major props to the Tuskegee Airmen; the Black Warriors of the U.S. Army, 92nd Division, who fought valiantly against the Germans and Italians in World War II; and Benjamin Banneker, the first black astronomer, who taught himself astronomy and advanced mathematics. He was so accomplished, Thomas Jefferson recommended Banneker for the surveying team that laid out Washington, D.C. Nurglitch, I don't always agree with what you say, but I commend you for presenting your case well. It is good to know that someone with your intelligence and sense of engagement is a regular reader of our humble blog, which, frankly, counts its readers in the dozens (as opposed to millions, thousands or hundreds). We appreciate the fact that you keep taking the time to read and respond. My co-blogger and I do this because we enjoy thinking, writing and attempting to philosophize in our own way. We like to think that, when it comes to a blog's readership, quality counts much more than quantity!
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2017 on Detroit, 50 Years Later at Posse Incitatus
David Frum is no better than the bland, pseudo-conservative Michael Gerson. Just as Barack Obama got far more enraged against conservatives, Republicans and the Tea Party than he did against North Korea, Iran or bloodthirsty jihadists, Frum, Gerson, Bill Kristol and others of their ilk froth with rage at Donald Trump and his supporters. They never, EVER got that angry or disgusted with Hillary Rotten Clinton! Useless tools, all of them.
Well, technically you are right, following the letter of the law. But the spirit of the law is broader. My thinking is, if the federal government is funding organizations, including universities, that suppress free speech, then Uncle Sam is indirectly suppressing speech.
I like Judge Jeanine Pirro, and usually agree with her. But I think she's wrong on this one. Trump is no dummy; he's been around the block a few times. He knew all about the backstabbers, phonies and self-serving elitists in DC when he stepped into this job. If he thought he needed counsel and guidance on how to navigate the treacherous waters, he ought to have brought on board aides who are more shrewd and perceptive than the ones he has. Reince Priebus is most likely to blame for this fiasco, as he's supposed to have the President's back.
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2017 on Incompetence Continues In DC at Posse Incitatus
Bravo from your long-time co-blogger! I have long despised Bill Kristol. He exudes the same smug, arrogant and condescending attitude as many of the execrable leftists I have railed against for years. He can take his place amongst detestable characters such as Harry Reid, Michael Moore, Dick Durbin, Alan Grayson, Ted Kennedy (I WON'T abide by the rule not to speak ill of the deceased!), and thousands of other ugly, pathetic left-wing monsters. Oh, and let's not forget the despicable Kevin Williamson, who se National Review column dumped on the white working class of Appalachia, insulting them as a bunch of loser meth-heads. Don't think a French revolution couldn't happen in this country. In some respects, it already has, sans the guillotines. But make no mistake, the anger and utter contempt for the elitists has not subsided!
I also read "Three and Out" and agree with my co-blogger that it is a compelling book with fascinating insights and inside information on Michigan's nearly cult-like football program. It is surprising to me that Coach Rich Rodriguez and the rest of the university brass allowed John Bacon so much access to coaches, trainers, practices,locker room antics, etc. You'd think a program like Michigan's that strives to maintain the "Leaders and Best" mythology would not want to risk airing its dirty laundry. K.N. is spot on about Floyd Carr: The guy was bitter about how he was treated after winning U-M's first national championship in half a century, so he let his vindictiveness take over. Carr always struck me as an arrogant, thin-skinned jerk, so it's difficult for me to feel any sympathy for him. My biggest impression: I now have a lot more respect for RichRod than I ever did, and know he got a raw deal in so many ways. The deck was stacked against him from the start, and it never helps to have key insiders and associates (e.g., "Blueblood" alumni) stabbing you in the back 24/7. There's no doubt in my mind that Coach Brady Hoke's one successful season in 2011 (11-2 including a Sugar Bowl win over Virginia Tech) was done with a team RichRod had built. But once Hoke's coaches and recruits were in place, and his ineptitude exposed, the team went downhill fast. I second K.N.'s prediction that MEEEECHIGAN will be lucky to go .500 this season. Hoke will be gone by January, mark my words. What goes around comes around, and for long-suffering Michigan State fans who have endured the insufferable Skunk Bear fans' taunts for decades, the current ugly karma in A2 is SWEET! Long story short: "Three and Out" is a great read for fans of college football, even if you could care less about U-M and the Big Ten.