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One correction to my recent post should read "I am not familiar with the rules regulating 501-c3s".
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I have worked for several small non-profits and have friends and family who have worked for others. I agree that the largest criteria for rating any non-profit should be the transparency of the company at all levels. Detailed financials, board member names and relationship to director/managers of the agency and the final listing should show the pay/compensation of each employee. One company I worked for for almost 8 years now has a director who runs the company like his own personal fiefdom, where the board members are all friends and family and through that he controls his pay and compensation. Another non-profit of which I am familiar has a director and a limited staff which includes the director's wife in a "token" position. Since the company was founded about 10 years ago, the board has increased the director's salary from a low five-figure salary to a mid-six-figure annual salary. At the same time, board members have received six-figure loans from the non-profit. I am familiar with the rules regulating 501-c3s and other non-profits, but I have to think that most of these practices are not acceptable. Is there any procedure by which a "non-profit" can have that status revoked and is there an agency responsible for such monitoring?
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