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What a little girl! Boohoo--He is a wimp-he can only flap his purple lips-blah, blah, he is such a BS" full of crap. He is pure flip flopper-voted present again.I guess his puppet master didn't advise him on what to say--now he has placed Sharia Law into each of our Banks?? Read "Castrophe". Why doesn't he have an ENTERTAINMENT tax?? TAX his Hollywood buddies??? He has canceled e-verify, Match SSN program, he is OPENING all borders (numbersUSA) he wants the 2012 vote. He is rewriting ALL of our books, he is a radical MUSLIM, he is NOT a citizen of US and he should have never been a Senator. I bet Al Monsour or SOMEONE from the Muslim world is running him--he is the puppet, and we will learn WHO is really telling him what moves to make!! Why can't the FBI, CIA, investigate him? Its like he has been planted--put there to destroy us under the diguise of a "liberal"??? His college records? I bet they show he applied as an International student. He is going to try shut down Radio and all of our opposition to ABC. GE owns ABC-did you see the GE CEO bow to him?? OMG. As a woman veteran I am ashamed that people VOTED for this FAKE! Geez, they are sitting in our WHITE HOUSE-OMG it is sickening!!!! Just to see him speak--he doesn't support the US at all-he just sent $1B to HAMAS!!! And shut down 19 defense missles to ALASKA! I do not want single payer health plans!!! IMPEACH OBAMA!! He also turned OFF the water canals in California 80,000 acres are dying!! CA is dying because of all the illegals sucking the life out of her! The hospitals-Oklahoma kicked them out!! CA needs to get rid of the parasites...
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