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Having taken several online courses, as well as traditional courses, I was amazed by most of the reasons given by “I’ll Never Do It Again”. It sounds like the underlying problem is with her attitude towards the technology. As in all things (and even more so in things technological), it is about the attitude you approach it with. If you are sure you aren't going to like something, you aren't going to. I saw a lot of “stupid faculty” like her when I was in college but, thankfully, I also saw professors who were the exact opposite. As a non-traditional student, initially I took online courses because I couldn’t always be on campus. Later I took them because I chose to. They gave me time to think about my responses and the opportunity to interact with people I never would have otherwise -- people from all over the world were able to participate and were able to contribute unique perspectives I would not have heard otherwise at a university in Iowa where diversity is limited. What determines how good online courses are depends largely on the professor and their attitude towards the medium. The best online courses were when the professor used the medium to the maximum extent possible and managed to do everything this professor says can’t be done. Hopefully she (and others like her) will get a clue and realize what most students already know: face-to-face teaching is NOT always better. Some of my face-to-face courses were a total waste of time and some were amazing. With my online courses, some were amazing and others weren’t. But none were a waste of time because at a minimum lectures were prepared professionally and time was not wasted getting to the subject matter.
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