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Julia Cruz
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Thanks Michelle!!!! And I actually did 193#.
Damn you, Nine in Ten!!! You mock me!!! ~shaking fist~
Enchiladas, what else?!?! Monica's making burritos. Eat some super Mexican food and you'll get up that rope, girl!
Brown girls representin'!! Who wants dinner cooked??
We're proud of you, Pablo!!! You too, D!!!
Nice, Ryan! Way to represent the family with a mean lookin' burpee!
Happy Birthday, Jojo!!!
Wow, you're lookin'good Chalk Bucket!!! Have you been working out???
Great photo!
Congratulations Paul and Diana! You two are very inspiring. You're both bad-ass athletes... especially for a couple of old farts.
Teshina is my hero.
Good job, Cameron! Keep it up, man!
This is what happens when you get caught chewing gum in class.
Good job, Papi! I think it's just a LOT crazy, but I may be biased.
Phil, you've worked out with me... You know I curse like a sailor and smile the whole time doing it.
Good job, Cam!
Yeah!!!! Good move, Jonny-Boy!
"Diane" Julia 23:30Rx PR
Awwww, my dear old friend Nine in Ten!...what up, biotch?
Horton: “Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success.” Wait... is that quote coming from him considered humorous, or ironic?
Steve-O 3100/155#Rx PR
Sweet photo!!!
Tonya, you forgot one: #6) getting beat by a girl at "The 12 Days of Christmas."
#5. Watching my first Dawn Patrol Sunrise Workout from this incredible new facility. #4. Watching Teshina's performance at Sectionals and Paul's performance at the Games with our fantastic team. #3. Saving my Lululemon receipts to write off on my 2010 taxes. #2. Consistently growing, getting stronger, becoming more determined and hitting at least 1 PR every month for the entire year. # 1. Being so fortunate as to have my entire family, husband and 3 children, in the gym together. Whether it's watching my handsome husband kick some ass (as I yell at him to kick ass harder), having my son actually get up before noon to come to the Sunday classes, or having my daughters beg to climb the rope, climb on Paul or scale up Jon...all of it is about us enjoying ourselves and practicing the amazing lifestyle we have fully embraced.