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Steve Bradley
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Fascinating post and comments. I remember coming down on the other side of this debate when it first surfaced, but as I have watched English (American-style) change over the last 20+ years, I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong. I still have some "heartburn" with certain renderings in the TNIV, but that's immaterial. I notice that virtually everyone who weighs in on these debates is Christian, and few consider our "target audience" (can an unbeliever understand and receive the Word as translated in xxxxxx Version?? that's the question, since we have this little thing known as the Great Commission). For me, the operative questions are not: Which version do I prefer? and Which version is the "most literal," BUT "who can understand this?" And, Is this version "childish," in the sense of being so simple that it loses its literary power? (mustn't do that, either) If our nonChristian contacts cannot understand, receive, and appreciate the message of the New Testament, we've done like the Roman Church prior to the Reformation--decreed that only a "foreign language" text (the Latin Vulgate, for those who wonder what it was) be used, and then chained that translation to the pulpit. A Bible that nobody can read is useless. An inaccurate Bible does not represent the truth accurately. Plain English. Accurate English. Contemporary usage. Those are good things. Thanks for the blog. --Steve Bradley.