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We finished paying off our "5 year" used car loan in 10 months in January. We finished paying off the first of three student loans this month (got the letter in the mail today!), and the goal is to have NO debt by this time next year (~$20,000 left). We're living on less than half our salaries--my entire salary goes to pay off debt, fund retirement, or maintain our emergency fund--so it'll be easier for me to quit working whenever God blesses us with children. My current goal is to drastically reduce my grocery bill. I'm intimidated/frustrated by couponing but I think I just need more info/encouragement (which I get here--thanks!). I'd like to shave $50 off my bi-weekly grocery bill.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2009 on Monthly Financial Check-up at Money Saving Mom
Thanks for this post but I have three questions/comments: 1. I live in a TINY apartment and barely have enough room for the regular groceries I buy. How can I make this system work when I don't have the room to stockpile? 2. Where can I get good coupons? I've bought newspapers the last couple of weeks and have been really disappointed with the coupons there--never anything I would buy even if it was on sale. 3. I work 40-50 hours a week and don't have time to drive to two or three different stores every Saturday to get great deals. Is there a way to get all these deals at one store without getting ripped off? I typically find the best deals at Walmart, but they don't usually run deals or blow-out sales like the local stores do.