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linda smith
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hi my name is linda i am 31 yrs old i fell pregnant for the first time with a person i love dearly . all through the pregnancy everything went fine the baby was healthy good heart beat and all i was due on may 30 2009 which is not too long ago i lost a beautiful little baby boy who went by the name of nathan william smith cassidy i was aty 39 weeks of labour i delivered him natural he was still born on may 29 at 2:10 a.m. in the morning i do miss all the time he was living and moving inside me now the thoughest part for me and my boyfriend and family is still too come the funeral of our little boy which i didnt choose the date yet but will be soon me and my boyfriend are deeply heart broken and in sorrow we miss our son dearly we got the chance too see him we both kissed him and held him closely in our arms .we will never forget him and will always love him forever so dearly in our hearts he died from a imbilical cord accident a knot had formed so the only thing we tell ourselves now is life goes on but will we ever get over this god only knows the answer too that so thats my story i sure hope this could help any mother out there who has witnessed a nightmare like we did ... linda and john june/3/2009