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For sure there's ugly non-democratic government in Mozambique that needs to be overthrown.
Why not? One piston controls exhaust port, the second one intake port. Just a matter of phase angle control between those two.
@Trevor You've assumed 200+V per unit. Doubt that any ionic capacitor could reach even 10V before electrolyte starts to decompose.
They could do even more by giving up CVT for DSG-like transmission.
Doubt that the batt pack will be integrated into drive. It's too bulky, too heavy and needs to be located in safe area with emergency disconnect in the case of an accident.
There's much space for improvements:
Another way to increased efficiency is to use Atkinson-like cycle in diesel engine - this separates compression ratio from expansion one and allows to expand gases to the level just sufficient to drive the exhaust.
Pu-238 is not a weapon material. It's not even fissile. RTGs and RHUs are not fission devices, just decay ones. Many other decaying isotopes may be used (waste and cheap Sr-90 has been considered, but it forms highly soluble salts and can replace Ca in bones, so it's use is far more risky), but Pu-238 has superior properties (very high decay heat). Practical fusion devices (except thermonuclear weapons) don't exist. Check facts before posting.
This results in more deceleration energy being recovered and increases the single charge cruising range by about 20%. Hmm this could be the whole gain from regen, not the improvement itself, right?
@HarveyD: Converting CO2 to fuel is costly in terms of used energy. Better to convert directly feed syngas or use electricity to charge batteries. Do not make systems more complicated than absolutely necessary.
GaN/GaAs devices may win over SiCs due to lower substrate production costs.
I like the concept of liquid iron mediated gasification.
@Harvey: One could use IVT. It's an ultimate solution for ICE transmission.
Potentially good battery, but introduced at least 5 years late.
Hmm Robert Zubrin should be proud. Mars on Earth. Storing excess energy in pumped reservuars makes more sense. It's cheap, turnaround efficiency is high, technology is very mature.
It would be worth research to merge LiS chemistry with solid polymer electrolyte used in LMP battery, no chance to dissolve active material in unwanted way.