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Dear Fran, Thank you and I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. It was a good example of a "touch and go" relationship. This customer was so skeptical about the outcome I saw, yet, she continued to allow herself to be open to working through the challenges of this relationship. It had a wonderful ending. She has continued to call me for advice and insight. I'm so happy that she trusts my readings and has begun to work through other areas of her life. Thanks again for your kind words. Blessings for peace, Seha 9668
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on Touch and Go Love at California Psychics®
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Dear Lovely Duckling, You have great insight, self awareness and wisdom. Enjoyed reading your response. You are right, this was a well written article. Blessings, Seha
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on I Want it My Way! at California Psychics®
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Dear Randall, Great advice. I also place a braid of sweetgrass in front of me. My husband who is Native also, reminds me about the need to smudge after being around electronic devices like my computer, telephones, even televisions as these appliances deplete our energy and can put us off balance after a period of time. Good to hear your advice. Blessings, Seha 9668
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Dearest Sea Turtle, This was truely an article filled with the wisdom of patience and wisdom. Yes, if we can release ourselves from the "earth self" of ego we would be open to the real self...the soul. Letting go of what we want others to think of us or the false self (ego) is a challange we all struggle with. Awareness is the first step. I love the name: Sea Turtle. Blessings, Seha
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Brown Eyes, Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It is amazing and wonderful how the Universe provides these messeges for us. I will hold you in my prayers for happiness and peace. Blessings, Seha 9668
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Hi Abigail, Ya ta hey!! So happy to hear from you. I went in to look at your CP photo. You absolutely have Indian energy. Amazing, because I don't usually see that in most people who are not of Native American blood. Your article was very unique and conveyed your strength as a teacher and healer. Blessings for happiness and peace, Seha
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Greetings Abigail, This was a wonderful article. It is filled with truth, wisdom and courage. I feel that life is a life long journey of self discovery. This can be a wonderful travel of learning. A fear based life stunts our spiritual growth and blocks our happiness at an earthly level. You captured the importance of patience in a very profound way. Thank you and I look forward to other articles you may write. Blessings, Seha
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Hi Nunu, This interpretation is absolutely facinating. Excellent article. Thanks so much for writing it and sharing your gift. Blessings, Seha
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2009 on The Magician at California Psychics®
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Nunu, What an interesting interpretation of the Chariot and knight of wands. Two of my favorites are the Magician and the Fool. Thanks for the interesting article. Blessings, Seha 9668
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2009 on Tarot Cards of Movement at California Psychics®
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