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Good evening, Dr. Crowley, and thank you for another awesome show! Just a couple of thoughts that your great show spawned: 1. The libtards idea of "justice" is equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity, which as you know is in direct opposition to the Constitution. Witness the "Four Freedoms." Well, now the Bama is trying this on the international stage; it's all just affirmative action and redistribution of wealth writ large. Instead of the domestic programs that tear down the producers who have earned their way, he wants to tear down the greatest Nation in the history of the planet to make us equivalent to a bunch of 3rd world thugs and looters. 2. It appears that he is embracing the "soft power" theory of international relations. He wants to win the hearts and minds of the enemy. (I still like the old "grab 'em by the balls, and their heartsand minds will follow" theory, but I guess I'm old school.) He seems to forget that the homicide bombers see self destruction as a promotion tothe next world, so logic will not work with them. As he pursues "Peace in our time," I want to ask you your highly regarded opinion: has this tack ever worked? (Chamberlain had great success, didn't he?) He seemsto forget about carrying the big stick as he speaks softly. Unless, of course you're a Black Panther committing hate crimes at a Philadelphia polling place--then big sticks are apparently OK. 3. He mentioned God in his speech--as well as the Bible, the Talmud and the Quran. He is a federal official, and is he not prohibited from doing these things by the First Amendment, Establishment of Religion clause of the Constitution (as interpreted)? (I know he's not, but I'mtrying to make a point!) Lord knows, he could not say those things if he were a teacher in one of our public schools. Why does the MSM not call him on his hypocrisy? 4. And finally, I just wanted to mention that you certainly seem more than capable of selling magazines by being on the cover--although I'd probably buy it for the articles ;-) (I do like what you have to say on your blog after all!). And I'm sure you could sell a sweater just byputting one on as well... Not that comparing you to the Bamamate is agood thing, but Mr. Williams did seem to be breathing through the Bama's navel. What dreck! Thanks for a great show!
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2009 on America's Un-Exceptionalism at Monica Crowley