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Let's all start calling USSF kinda like we do with our Congress? Enough pressure will get the real answer through a press conference about Torres. 1 If he was hurt or overplayed Torres could have been replaced but wasn't. 2 What about Dempsey and his past getting physically violent up in Boston yet he's still playing. Stuff happens in the locker room out of passion 3. Regardless, answers need to be met. On another topic if another player leaves PT in the US or Mexico clubs for Europe just to sit on the bench I think we're all going to call them a DumbA_S!
Why would we (all of our passionate fans) even think about Beasley, Shasha, or Connor Casey)? Thank you for your service guys but you are done. Conrad, great player but getting a bit too old for our nats. Sorry brothers!
Altidore Davies Donovan Clark Benny F Dempsey Boca Demerit Gooch Spector Timmy H Torres may may not have to wait until the Gold Cup. Second half sub for Davies since Michael B is out. BB- if you put in Sasha WE ALL WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED.
Not to be nosy but does anyone know what our Players are getting for bonuses for reaching the finals? Great game!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on USA stuns top-ranked Spain, 2-0 at Soccer By Ives
I know how much the USSF gets for US making the finals. BUT- what are our Bonuses for the players??? Any one knows. Since we got out of group play no one is in yellow card jeopardy. BS call on Bradley's Red we HAVE TO APPEAL. Go Bafana Banfana!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on USA stuns top-ranked Spain, 2-0 at Soccer By Ives
Great Game. BB has finally learned from all of us: NO Beasley, No Shasha, No Casey for the most part he still can't hold the ball. FANTASTIC DEFENSE: How about our defensive cover with strong back. No one on the US w/the exception of Casey received an 8 or below. Benny F great first sub by BB Go USA
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on USA stuns top-ranked Spain, 2-0 at Soccer By Ives
Thanks Tolik. My only problem is you would think a country with 300 Million and our resources we'd come up with more Strikers. Boy do I miss McBride. Heart, Passion, Technically Sound.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2009 on USA 3, Egypt 0: The Highlights at Soccer By Ives
I'm just as relieved as the rest of our fans. We all collectively agree: 1 No more DMB, Casey or Shasha. Thanks for your service to your country but you are DONE. ya man but you got to step up your game b/c you have sucked for the past 10 games or so (BTW- nice finish but we need your sorry A_ _ for the full 90). 2 BB made some bad judgement calls. In World Soccer you don't have "ENTITLEMENT" and apparently BB Does. 3. Great call on getting Brad G. some PT on a big stage but it was so obvious. 4. Spector's No. 1 in all of our hearts now. What a stud. Demerit is a nice surprise. 5. Landon has the heart but needs to be more selfish in the box. 6. Jozy needs development as he's only 19 so why not on this stage. Here's what's up for debate. 1 Benny F. or Clark. Both are doing well? I actually agree putting Clark in first. Covers a lot of ground and shuts down attacks. Benny F. solid play. Either way you can't go wrong with the two. 2. Do we play Demps or not? We're left no other choice. Davies did a nice job up front but he's not ready. 3. None of us know what goes on in camp as we'd all like to see Torres but it'll have to wait for the Gold Cup. Adu the same. 4. Donovan has to be on the flanks just like our boy Earnie Stewart. 5. Bornstein's not to bad at the moment but won't see the Cup in 2010. 6. Demerit should see more game time on this stage and must start ahead of Boca after coming off an injury. Altidore Demps (who else?) Donovan Clark Bradely Benny F. Bornstein Gooch Demerit Spector Brad G. (Need PT and's not bad) Thoughts?
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2009 on USA 3, Egypt 0: The Highlights at Soccer By Ives
Thank you for your service but Demarcus, Shasha- you done! Dempsey- you need to step it up...we have a mutual friend but your performance is not your old self. You are suspended for 4 months until you want to come back. Jozy's not our guy now but will be soon so I have no problem developing him in the Confed. Davies let's give him a shot and see for a tourny that does not mean anything at this point but pride. BTW- let's bring McBride back???? Altidore Davies Torres Feilhaber Bradley Donovan Bornstein Gooch Boca Spector Gusan Jay- you've done we'll and proved you are a capable central back but I want to get Bornstein another look. Timmy H. ditto but want to get your back up some experience on a big stage. Go USA!
Has anyone ever thought of bringing BRIAN MCBRIDE OUT OF RETIREMENT? The guy will be fit at age 80....CALL HIM UP. O'k I'll start with the positives: The best thing about last night is we found a Right Back in Spector. Ricardo had the game of his life and hope he can keep it up. Benny F. and Bornstein did well. I'm getting very nervous....we're not where we should be with 290 Million people. The way we're playing now I think we will get abused in South Africa. Beasley is only a sub from now on. Also, you would have thought with the tenure in the UK he'd be able to get stuck in much more? Landon on the wings only and is still a value but inconsistent. Also, I'd like to see him to run at a people more. Sorry to say this about Dempsey but ditto. Where is Torres? He did very well in the later part of the CR Game. Also, I'd like to get some PT for Davies I love our boys in the back with Gooch and Boca but I worry about their agility. They'll do very well against the European teams but against the speedy Concacaf teams I'm concerned. For the Confed Cup Brian McBride Davies Landon Bradley Benny F. Torres Bornstein Gooch Boca Spector Howard